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Does it worry anyone else that we don't have a single Class of 2022 commit yet?

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  • Does it worry anyone else that we don't have a single Class of 2022 commit yet?

    I am wondering what is happening in recruiting, that after a Elite 8 run and a record of putting players into the League, we are not a premier destination for Class of 2022 recruits.

    The way I calculate it, we have the following players on the roster, occupying 11 scholarships (Chevez and White are non-counters with free Covid year):
    1. RS Senior Chevez Goodwin
    2. RS Senior Isaiah White
    3. SR Drew Peterson
    4. JR Isaiah Mobley
    5. JR Ethan Anderson
    6. JR Max Agonkpolo
    7. JR Boogie Ellis
    8. RS Soph Joshua Morgan
    9. Soph Boubacar Coulibaly
    10. Soph Reese Waters
    11. FR Harrison Hornery
    12. FR Malik Thomas
    13. FR Kobe Johnson
    I may be off on the years for some players that might have a covid year to take as a RS year if they choose and the coaches agree, but if this is the layout, I see 3-4 open spots for the staff to fill for next season: Goodwin, White, Mobley and Peterson if he doesn't choose a free covid year. Any insight on why we are not getting any 2022 commitments with 3-4 spots open?

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    It actually doesn't, we always should be seeking new recruits, and Im sure we are, but our roster next year doesn't look so different from this year, I would expect.

    Mobley, white, Goodwin should be gone, likely. Boogie, may stay or go but then...

    EA, Max, Drew, Boubacar, Morgan, Waters, Hornery Johnson all back... You went through the list.

    I wouldnt be surprised that with a more or less solid "foundation" for 2022 if SC is casting a narrow net at high level players - like Trimble and that other 5 star big man, rather than offering lots of pretty good players.

    This is by no means an excuse to take a year off, but it's probably tough to make guarantees to kids who WONT come to SC in 2022 and imediately be an impact player.

    Especially with the transfer portal as it is now, I'm not worried.