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  • PAC-12 commercials

    Is it just me or do they seem to be written to appeal to diversity officers and vigorously NOT for competitive athletes, sports fans or a general audience seeking some fun and excitement?

    The Conference of Champions is selling anything but championships or the pursuit of championships. There is nothing about the thrill of victory or agony of defeat.

    ”Hey! Forget championships! We’re really about lecturing you and virtue-signaling for 30 seconds straight in an oh-so-sober manner.”

    With SC cinema and even TTR in Westwood, surely the conference can do better at selling itself.

    Just running their video and letting Walton wax poetic on the COC would be more compelling.

    it could be just me and I reserve the right to be wrong.

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    I'm guessing this is more an appeal to the student-athletes desires (at least a vocal minority of them) than the conference's. Given how much money athletics makes the universities and conference as "the product", it's probably not a concession worth stressing over as long as it doesn't get too extreme.


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      I’m sure you’re on the right path of thinking. I think they are irritating on repeated viewing on Pac 12 streaming and are eyeball-rolling at worst.

      I also see a huge platform to draw viewers to the screen, butts to seats and athletes to programs as a multi-million wasted opportunity in a conference behind in attendance and fan spirit. It’s a big wasted opportunity.

      They are word salads that don’t sell anything.

      I wonder what the ole SEC has. I haven’t seen their network or any other conference channels for that matter. I might seek them out for comparison.

      This isn’t a bitch but an opportunity for improvement in areas that I study.
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      • Bovard
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        I agree with your observations 100%! PAC 12 commercials are weak compared to other conferences’ commercials specifically the Big 10 and SEC. I think football and basketball recruits would not be excited by the heavy dose of social issue messaging. Perhaps softball and Olympic sports recruits but not football and basketball. These commercials reflect how the PAC 12 is perceived across the country. Hopefully this will change with the new commissioner recognizing the need to focus on the sports the overwhelming majority care about.

      • Rockazar
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        Thank you for the reflection, Bovard! 

        Maybe mix in some other types of commercials.

        And if we must run with these, why are 2/3rds of the race-barrier breakers from Ucla? Nice representation PAC. Maybe they were ucla produced or directed. No Sam Bam? No Brice Taylor? The dude was All- American with one hand! I don’t think you get more intersectional than that.

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      Put this man in a social justice commercial if that’s your play PAC 12.


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        PAC 12 commercials are nothing but woke and social justice bull shoes. Politcal Crapness at its finest.