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Guard Play, Rebounding, 3-pt Defense

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  • Guard Play, Rebounding, 3-pt Defense

    To me all of these issues were much bigger reasons we lost than our free throw shooting.

    Boogie, Drew, Ethan & Reese combined to shoot 7-21 with just 5 assists against 9 turnovers. Very difficult to win on the road in conference play against a top 100 team with that kind of offensive performance from your guards, especially when you add in an 0-6 from 3 day from Max & White.

    On the glass, we allowed Stanford to grab 7 offensive rebounds on 32 missed shots (22% rate) while we collected just 4 on 28 missed shots (14% rate). In a game where the turnovers were even those 3 extra possessions made a huge difference.

    Lastly, we gave up way too many open looks from 3. This team's identity has been and will continue to be as a squad that simply does not give it's opponents clean looks at the basket. We don't have the offensive firepower (see the above paragraph on guard play) to slack on that end of the court in any game. Today was our worst game of the year in that regard.

    The free throw misses are obviously frustrating, but they should not have mattered, and in all actuality, we shot better from the stripe today than we have for most of the year.

    The undefeated record and high ranking was a lot of fun, but I don't think any of us thought we were going to make a run at displacing the '76 Hoosiers as the most recent college basketball team to finish a season unbeaten.

    It's very fortunate that we are back in action in just 2 days with a very winnable game at home. We can get some good film work in tomorrow, focus on the areas that cost us today and get the bitter taste out of our mouths immediately.
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