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Is anyone still excited with this team?

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  • Is anyone still excited with this team?

    I am finding it difficult to get enthused about what is being put out there by the women's team for our visual consumption, and I really, really wanted this season to go well for Lindsay, but our weaknesses are prominent and we are going to really get exposed when we hit the conference schedule.

    Some of the scheduling for the women's games has been less than ideal - scheduling a game against a football rivalry game, having a game where a huge student event on campus takes away the band and Song Girls - and now on Wednesday, there is a men's game at 6pm, which has been drawing increasing fan interest, and a real chance for the WOT to piggy back off of that to get their part of the crowd, but they are scheduled to play at 12 pm. If someone like me wanted to see both games you would have 4 hours in between games of dead time to kill. Who is willing to do that? I am still contemplating, but that makes for a very long day when factoring in my commute from Orange County.

    In the past, men's -women's double headers were scheduled with only an hour or so in between games, that made more sense and I don't know what the Athletic Department is thinking doing it the way they have it now, especially since the opponent CSUN is local and just driving down from Northridge. This is another blow to trying to generate a fan following for the WOT basketball program.

    With 10 days between their last game and this next one, I hope that Lindsay and the team have figured some things out and come out with maximum effort and efficient play. If they don't, then a long season, just gets longer and the weak attendance continues.
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    Anyone have an opinion that they can share with the rest of us? Just checking.


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      Ucla pep rally could have been part of the women’s game in Galen. They could have the bonfire or whatever was scheduled 30 minutes after the game so the fans can all walk over after. It’s not far.

      The competing schedules should be more complementary. No need to choose one or the other.


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        Originally posted by SCthe1 View Post
        Anyone have an opinion that they can share with the rest of us? Just checking.
        I think the USF loss was not an ideal way to start a long holiday/COVID protocol pause but at this point the only way is up. I for one was not expecting a complete 180 degree turnaround with the Gottlieb hire, but I am hoping that success comes in time. Marshall has been a bright spot and based on recent interviews (, CLG seems to be zeroed in on the future of this team and the return to a more successful WOT program. Hoping we can surprise a few during conference play.

        FIGHT ON!

        PS: Looks like games have been moved around and we've got a tough P12 opening weekend (@Colorado then a quick turnaround vs #4/5 Arizona).