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  • Brilliant scheduling continues

    What is wrong with SC and the scheduling of women's basketball games? Our next game, assuming no covid issues is Friday night at 8 pm against NCAA Finals runner-up Arizona Wildcats, one of the best teams the WOT will play and one which people may have actually turned out for. But this is a late starting game on New Year's Eve - who does that?! Can't Lindsay and this team catch a break? Even if you are not going to be at a New Year's Eve event yourself, driving back from a game at 10 pm on New Year's Eve doesn't seem like the best idea. Plenty of people will be on the roads who had early starts on their celebrations.

    One prior game was scheduled at the same time we were playing the cross-town rivalry football game, the last game was on the same day as a men's game and could have folded in nicely to a double header that allowed people going to the men's game to catch the women's game beforehand. But the times were scheduled such that there was a 4 hour gap in between, who does that?! Seriously, these are blown opportunities to have a decent home crowd for the WOT. Sunday January 2nd against ASU is a Dad's & Daughter's Day game and usually results in a spike in attendance, so maybe that will be the game to lead to better attendance. Let's hope so.

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    OK, so SC just announced the New Year's Eve game will be rescheduled due to covid issues. Thank God, not for covid obviously, but for a chance to schedule this at a better time.