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WOT lose conference opener to Colorado in Boulder 71-58

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  • WOT lose conference opener to Colorado in Boulder 71-58

    I did not watch this game, so if someone was able to, please post your thoughts. Based solely off of the box score and other game data, it appears that Jordan Sanders was injured or something in the second quarter as her name does not appear in the play-by-play after that point and she only logged 11 minutes in this game.

    The Buffs came into this matchup 11-0 with wins over teams like OK State, Marquette, Wisconsin, SMU and USF.

    The Trojans outshot CU 41% to 35%, BUT the Buffs had 16 more shot attempts due to 19 offensive boards and 14 steals! Wow, that is quite a disparity. CU was 5-19 from 3-pt range, while SC was a woeful 2-12, with both 3's coming from Bella Perkins who had career highs of 31 minutes, 10 pts scored and unfortunately 4 of SC's 20 TOs. She wasn't the worst offender as Tera Reed had 5 TOs and scored only 3 FTs in 28 minutes, missing her 2 FG attempts.

    Jordyn Jenkins was the only consistent offensive player scoring 14 pts to lead the Trojans. SC needs to get more production out of it's starting lineup! Other than Sanders being scoreless and possibly injured and Jenkins having a good performance, Pili played only 19 minutes and had 8 pts and 9 rebounds. She is averaging 9.1 ppg on the season and 5.7 rebpg, not close to what she has shown in the past. I don't think Lindsay has figured out how to use her.

    Desiree fouled out in 25 minutes and scored only 4 pts on 1-4 FGs and 2-2 FTs. On the season she is averaging 4 ppg, 24% FGs, 18.8% 3FGs, 2.7 assists and 2.3 TOs. This is our starting PG and reason #1 why this team cannot run an effective offense. This may explain why Bella received so many minutes in this game, Gottlieb is exploring her rather limited options for the lead guard role.

    Alyson Miura missed her only 2 shots in 16 minutes and turned the balled over 3 times. Madison Campbell our other 3 point threat, did not play.

    Rayah needs to put it all together, she has been stellar on the boards (8.2 pg to lead the WOT) and on defense with her team leading 28 blocks (2.5 pg), but needs to improve her 40% FGs and 10.5 ppg scoring averages. She needs to be given maximum minutes by Gottlieb as she is the future star of this team. IMO, she should be in the starting lineup with Jordyn Jenkins and Pili up-front and Jordan Sanders and Bella Perkins/Alyson Miura/ Desiree should be in the backcourt.

    One pleasant surprise is that Clarice is being a little more productive in her time on the court (4-5 FGs, 8 pts, 5 rebs, 1 blk in 13 minutes ---but she has to learn not to foul as she had 4 in this short amount of time).

    Next up for the women is #4 Arizona at Galen tomorrow (Sunday at 3 pm), with no fans ---sadly, they should be used to that. I hope Jordan Sanders comes back for this as all hands on deck will be needed to even make this game respectable.

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    SCthe1 I did watch the game. SC looked out of sorts like they hadn’t played in a while. Which they hadn’t but neither had Colorado. Jordan Sanders hyper-extended her right knee going while playing defense around the basket. Not sure how bad it was. But she did need help off the court.

    Offensively they really struggled. Rayah did get ample playing time last night however her shot selection was horrible often forcing shots or taking shots she should not have.

    Allison Miura was ineffective last night. Just couldn’t get a shot off. I’m not sure why Tera plays so much as she is imo one of the worst on the court and ineffective.
    However, that being said, they really didn’t have any other alternatives to go to. Bella played more minutes because their other guard was in uniform.

    Angel Jackson threw up on the court in the second quarter and the game had to be stopped so they could clean up. She played in the second half but was ineffective.
    Pili played okay when she played inside but just looked gassed during the time she played.

    LG’s substitute rotation was all over the place last night. No one stayed in long enough “together “ to get any type of rhythm going.

    I think she was more concerned about players “wind” than anything else.

    Caldwell was in foul trouble but who cares….

    They just cannot win without outside shots to open up the inside, but they didn’t have that last night.

    The only bright spot offensively was Jordan Jenkins who did her job on the court last night…

    orher than that, it was a real struggle last night.


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      Junkee thanks for posting. It helps to have witnessed the game and not just interpret based on data, but I think the two results pretty much jived together with the same conclusions - this is going to be a long season. The players are going to have to look into the mirror and decide that they are tired of losing and play hard and smart to get some wins. I don't know whether she is capable of doing so or not, but Coach Gottlieb needs to go full Lincoln Riley on this roster and bring in transfers that can play right away. Otherwise, next season may be dismal as well.

      Does Bella look like she can develop into the lead guard for the team this season?

      Lastly, I noticed that Shemera Williams name no longer appears on the team roster, so that option of help in the backcourt is gone, but does open up another spot for a newcomer.


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        Yes I believe she is going to have to do a roster revamp to get players in that are dedicated and hold themselves accountable. This roster imo under Trakh has non power 5 players on this team. Except for Pili and Jordan Jenkins, Muira, and Perkins, RAyah and Clarissa . But the others need to go in the transfer portal🤷🏽‍♀️. Pili May transfer to be closer to home. She doesn’t seem like she’s happy.. A revamp is necessary to instill her culture…

        perkins will be fine if she works hard during the off season, but they have Gayles coming in so….

        One thing to note is when there was a bad pass by USC that resulted in a turnover, there was no hustle to get back in defense t all. Just lazy!

        They need shooters!!!!
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