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  • Thoughts on UConn game

    This team 2,3,4 years ago would have folded when down 10 in the 1st half. The makeup of this team much as last year is about winning and playing for each other. Can't say that was the case with AE's teams in year 4,5 & 6. That being said some points about the game were spot on.

    For some reason we have no idea how to guard the pick at the top of the key (been going on for years). Guards are going underneath the screen and allowing good shooters wide open 3's. Either our guard has to come over the top of the screen and force the ball handler to drive and trust defensive help or the screeners defender has to come off the pick hard and force the ball handler to make a decision. This was a major factor why we fell behind in the first half.

    As was stated we have to be tougher. We virtually lost every 50/50 ball. Toughness shouldn't be an issue when you got 1/2 a roster full of junior/senior transfers. If we would have been the aggressive/tougher team we win that game going away.

    Zone was very effective. UConn looked lost. Feel sorry for them when they play Syracuse. Problem was we gave up too many offensive rebounds. That happens when you play a zone but some of those rebounds were by them wanting them more(toughness).

    Crazy stat of the night. USC 4 assists. 3 by E. Mobley. Only 5 turnovers. Their ball pressure affected us running our offense, especially in the 1st half. In the 2ND half we got some great looks.Some great passes out of the double team by E Mobley. Just one those games where we just missed open looks. On the other hand UCONN got hardly a good look in the last 15 minutes and actually had 2 or 3 prayers answered.

    Not really disappointed with the loss. 2 games on the East coast(not easy with the travel). Got to play quality competition. Team played hard for 40 minutes (unlike other teams in years past). There's a lot to be excited about. We couldn't hit the broadside of a barn tonight and lost by 3 points.

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    Agree on all counts.

    I don’t know why we don’t have the screen man’s defender hedge the ball handler toward the sideline on picks at the top of the key. All the best defensive teams do it. Howland’s UCLA teams were very good at it.