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Thanks to everyone who has showed up and signed up

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  • Thanks to everyone who has showed up and signed up

    It's not always easy going to a new board, so I appreciate all the activity and involvement so far.

    My goal here is to generate more interest to the basketball program. As time goes on, I want to add more to the board and make it more of a resource for the fans to get to know the program. Of the two revenue sports at USC, it's pretty clear to me which has the stronger program more worthy of fan interest and which one takes winning most seriously. For that reason alone, it deserves more attention than it currently gets.

    As the program continues to build and move in the right direction, and eventually takes its place among the basketball powers, we can be the ones to say that we were right there, urging it on.

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    MNH, we owe you a solid!

    Thanks for putting this together. Looking forward to watching our boys this season.


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      I was a long time lurker on the old board and now enjoying being a part of the community. If you build it, they will come! Thanks again MNH, and all the board members.