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  • Ugly ugly ugly

    But we will definitely take it. This game wasn’t set in stone until about a few days ago. Desert sweep the first since 1985, emotiond at a all time high. Barely got by a middle of the pack Big West team in UCR tonight. Had to go to OT to win the game, yuck!

    Isaiah Mobley scored 14 points in the 1H but only scored 2 the rest of the way + OT. Tahj had some sweet shots from beyond the 3, but he along with the rest of the team missed so many open looks - something has got to give in terms of the shooting woes. Came into the ASU game with a 38% clip from beyond the arc. Last two games they are 5-43!!!! Can’t win & will not win any meaningful games when you are shooting abysmal from the perimeter. Get in the gym & shake off the rust.

    Drew willed this team to a victory in OT along with Evan who finally got some easy baskets also had one in the form of a thunderous put back with his left hand after his brother, Isaiah missed a shot from the top of the key. He also did a much better job from the FT line perfect 4/4.

    This game obviously wasn’t pretty & we all wish they would have steam rolled UCR the game of basketball is simple, out score your opponent but it can also get very complex - shots not falling, turning the ball over, players not playing up to their billing. It happens. Need to go over some things & focus focus focus. This team still can accomplish something special this season but it will take a team. Up next a visit from the Washington schools. Fight on!

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    Hopefully they are more prepared on Thursday.


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      Perfect summary of the game. The perimeter shooting is not mechanical, it is something mental. Lots of them were clanking off the back iron - maybe the team is feeling some pressure from mounting expectations. On the positive side, success is breeding confidence in the free throw shooting. For free throws, various announcers and CAE have all said about various players (particularly I. Mobley) "the stroke is good, the results will follow." This should be the case with the outside shooting too. Maybe Washington will be the confidence boost I predicted tonight would be.


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        Pederson won the Game in OT. As previously pointed out , he may be the most " valuable" player on this team.
        Free Throws GOOD Second game in a row

        6 Assists in an extended overtime game Might be some kind of record (negative record). it means something...........

        Eady and White missed tons of shots But this team had 3 others have good games. Mobley , Mobley, Pederson. That is how teams with some diverse talent win on an off night.

        it is a win 9-2 next up last place Washington at home...........


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          Actually Against UCONN. USC had 4 assists... that must be a record. 3 by Evan Mobley. 1 by Taj Eady

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        Great post CJ. The ugly and bad - really ugly game and the good, we got a big W ✌.

        I see great benefits of winning close games. These games are needed thru out the season. This is really good for us and great team W experience. The team can embrace winning - big, close or ugly wins like this one. Just win baby!.. all the way to Tourney!! Hopefully, with our .net and kenpom rankings, we will be in AP/Coaches Top 25 in a week or two.

        Beat the Huskies and Cougs. Fight On!
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          When you lose your legs, you can't shoot as well. I wonder how much fatigue in factoring in now. Thats 3 games in 5 days.


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            Spot on analysis. I also wondered about tired legs impacting our outside shooting. And playing on an "off" night when your body is not used to doing so. Now, just a day's rest and then the WA schools -- probably not going to help in that regard.

            Regardless, the team gritted it out and got the W. Have seen many SC teams over the years lose a game like this despite being favored heavily to win.

            Fight On!!!


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              I am not a basketball coach or expert, but good things seem to happen when Pederson is more aggressive and goes to the hole more often. Behind Evan, he probably is the MVP. I am glad this team is able to win despite being ice cold from the outside. We would of lost games like this in years past. Lets hope their stroke comes back this weekend