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  • Lakers...

    I'm going to preemptively assert that in no way am I trying to compare the Lakers to the Trojans other than why teams just plain look bad on occasion.

    The Lakers are currently 10-3 with losses to the Spurs (6-6 record), the Blazers (7-5) and the Clippers (8-4). I saw all three losses, and the Lakers looked like trash in each of them. And these are professionals, who spend much more time at their craft than the college kids.

    The next time we lay an egg (and we probably will), basketball is a long season and there are usually outlier games in both directions. The law of averages usually rules and in the end, a good team will have won many more than they lost. Right now, we have a slightly better winning percentage than the Lakers with losses to two quality teams (better teams than the Lakers losses when comparing relative to their own skill level). And we really couldn't buy a basket in those losses. It happens.

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    At the moment all I ask is that SC sweeps the bruins. After that a conference title/regular season title would be gravy.


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      Sweep UCLA & beat Colorado. Pretty please.