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ESPN wins stats last five years

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  • ESPN wins stats last five years

    During the UConn game, the guys at ESPN was impressed about our program, esp the last five years.

    SC hoops - 2015-2020: 109 wins
    more wins than Wisconsin, Florida, UGA, Georgetownn, Syracuse, OSU and UCLA

    Hope CAE and staff can keeps it going. I remember those painful KO years.. Beat the Anteaters ✌

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    And there are many posters on these USC boards who want Enfield fired. Enfield has done a great job at USC.


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      Before Enfield took over, USC basketball was about as low as it had been since I was a freshman in 88. He's done a remarkable job at getting us back to consistent relevance. If we didn't get screwed by the Melton exile and Covid last year, I think we'd be a team with 3 or 4 tournament bids in a row. Who knows how we would've done last year with Big O.

      And from a pure X's and O's standpoint, I think Andy draws up successful bucket plays after timeouts better than most teams. It is something I've noticed over the years. That's a sign of a good coach.


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        Yeah, it's a shame that it hasn't translated to the tournament payoff in recent years that everyone expects for obvious reasons. I do think one of Enfield's issue is recruiting players who don't fit what he wants to do, regardless of ranking. For a player of the caliber of KP Jr, I guess it's worth the headache since he's an NBA success story, less so for Thornton and O'Bannon Jr. For example, if Enfield went harder after a lower ranked player like Remy Martin despite him not being an NBA prospect, it would have worked out well, but at that point the team was already committed to the Thornton experiment who never developed the jump shot that Enfield guards need to succeed in his offense. Other recruiting flyers like Henderson and Big Vic just didn't have the ball skills or BB IQ to be factors. Eaddy isn't at J-Mac's level, especially when it comes to leadership and ball handling, but he's enough of a playmaker to make it work. Still haven't seen enough from EA's jump shooting and decision making to determine if EA can be that guy. Hope he can, seems like a really good kid.


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          Hopefully the trend with the NCAA tournament goes for the better. He hasn't been to the Sweet 16 (though he came so close in 2017) and has only advanced past one tourney game only once. In addition he has been to the tournament only twice since 2013 (granted last years team would have made the tournament easily, maybe a Sweet 16 run too).