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Rich Ruben on the USC/Stanford false positive test

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  • Rich Ruben on the USC/Stanford false positive test

    Came across this as I was reading his re-cap on the Cal game. Here is what he mentioned:

    “The Trojans Were Sure The Covid Test Before The Stanford Game Was A False Positive

    Enfield said they knew the player with a positive test experienced a false positive. The player had several negative tests from the time they left LA until the day of the game and the team had not been around anyone else. Unlike at Galen, Stanford did not have the equipment to provide a quick test result (perhaps because they are not playing at home due to Covid restrictions in Santa Clara County). The player had six more negative tests since Thursday afternoon.

    The Trojans tried to reschedule the Stanford game for Monday but Stanford balked. Under conference rules both teams must agree to a rescheduled date. It is very likely Stanford didn’t want to play the Trojans without its three missing starters.”

    Still very interesting how it all went down & I am not ruling out the Vegas involvement in all of this. I just find it hard to believe an institute such as Stanford not having any access to any rapid tests, especially when the player involved had several negative tests from the time they left LA to Santa Clara + add to the fact Stanford didn’t want to reschedule but played a game vs UCLA..Oh well, it’s over & done with.

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    On the bright side a good test for the team since they will be facing a team fully manned.


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      In fairness, I can understand Stanford trying to find a way out of the game down 3 starters after they just knocked off first place UCLA while undermanned.


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        Not have the equipment? Rapid test machines are handheld and can be administered by anyone with medical training...


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          It's pretty chickenshit. I hope karma bites them and we put an epic beatdown on them.


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            Stanford is going to have to reschedule this game at some point. Kinda bs they wouldn't accommodate while our squad was already out there.

            But they still beat UCLA down 3 starters. It would have been a bad loss if the same happened to us. We narrowly escaped with a W against Cal, maybe that's the start of the team playing better and we missed out on an L on the trip.