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Impressive second half

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  • Impressive second half

    Defense was really lights out all day. Beavers shot just 35.5%.
    47 rebounds, 21 on offense!
    16 of 26 from the field in the second half - 62 percent.
    Anderson's 10 second half points were the key to blowing it open.
    If we can just get Peterson's shooting back, team has a shot at the conference crown.

    13-3, 7-2 in conference with at least 10 games to go (barring future Covid issues). First 7-2 league start since 2018.

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    Definitely a solid game. Both teams looked good on defense and were playing with high energy, especially in the first half. Really nice to see us slowly break the game open in the second half and hold the lead. E Mobley had a good game as always, I Mobley had some good baskets, EA gets better every game and Bauman finally came back for us.

    Beaves @ Bruins is definitely an interesting game, Beaves have a shot at it.


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      The final result was a very much needed and impressive win against a team that beat the Trojans in the first meeting this season. Always good to win a game like this and in this case, it prevents a season sweep by the opponent. MJD


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        What happened to the Wayne Tinkle outcoaches Andy Enfield crowd?

        (Pot Stirring ).


        • sketch76
          sketch76 commented
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          yep still true. lots of coaches achieve better results than Enfield Stanford Winning multiple games with 3 starters out????? 1/3 the talent yet OSU splits second game pretty tight.

          BTW USC awful against the press in the late stages of the game... no way else to describe it

          yet a win is a win

          Coming up
          UCLA 2
          Oregon 1
          Stanford 2
          Arizona 1
          ASU 1
          Wash 1 road
          WSU 1 road
          Colorado 1 road
          Utah 1 road

          5-6? 4-7? I hope not

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        Tinkle has half as much talent & he’s split the last 6 with Enfield.


        • Marty46r
          Marty46r commented
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          If Evan Mobley was on OSU do you still think USC would have an edge on talent?

        • MeltonNotHelton
          MeltonNotHelton commented
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          Half as much talent? You must be totally unable to evaluate talent if you believe this.

        • sketch76
          sketch76 commented
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          OSU has 2 good guards and that's about it