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  • Boubacar Coulibaly

    This kid can play. He's raw, but he's an excellent athlete and is really fluid and explosive and does not at all look lost out there like most freshmen bigs do. Quite a find by Enfield and Co.

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    Agreed. Definitely stood out is his athleticism & fluidity. Wow. Nothing like Victor Uyaelunmo. Never got to watch him play when he was at San Gabriel Academy but have always heard a lot of nice things. Still learning the game. Glad he got some quality minutes & was productive.


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      Coulibaly played at a private school in my neck of the woods but I didn't know about him as a USC recruit in time to see him play a live game. So the next best thing is YouTube. I've watched full game length videos of San Gabriel Academy games from the past season and I was impressed with Boubacar's potential to be a quality big man at the collegiate level. He definitely has the athleticism, coordination, and hands to excel at the college level. Best of all, for the role he is expected to play in the near future, Boubacar does show a prima donna demeanor.


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        Even though his role at this point is still small, he looks eager to contribute. Could see him being a starter his junior or senior year.