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  • Evan

    Stay another year or two!

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    Nah, nothing more to prove, plus don't risk an injury. Go get that bread!


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      Originally posted by NYtrojan
      Nah, nothing more to prove, plus don't risk an injury. Go get that bread!
      Yeah he shouldn't stay. Look at Chris Smith


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        Remember when Shaquille O'Neal was a junior at LSU at the juncture of determining whether to turn pro, his coach suggested him to go pro because when O'Neal was a sophomore, he was double-teamed most of the time. When he was a junior, he was double-teamed or triple-teamed almost all the time.

        Now, shortly after the first few games of this season, Evan Mobley will draw double-team or triple-team defense whenever he is close to the paint area. A strong sign that he should turn pro after this season!

        Let's enjoy watching each and every game while E. Mobley dons cardinal and gold uniforms.


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          Let's be realistic..he gone. They're talking about him as a top 3 pick.


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            What a selfish post OP


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              He's likely going 1 or 2 in the draft. He's not staying. What is USC's highest ever basketball draft? I believe it's Mayo at #3, so Evan could be the highest drafted.


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                Really hope Evan Mobley can finish the season strong to help to win USC the PAC-12 conference championship, PAC-12 Tourney championship and the NCAA Championship!
                Why not? Let's dream big.
                As for himself, I wish him win the PAC-12 Freshman of the Year, Player of the Year, and number 1 pick overall in the coming NBA draft.

                Our top 3 NBA draft picks so far:
                Year 2008, round 1, Pick 3, O.J. Mayo
                Year 2020, round 1, Pick 6, Onyeka Okongwu
                Year 2009, round 1, Pick 9, DeMar DeRozan

                A link to USC's All-Time NBA Draft Selections follows:

                USC Trojans in the NBA - USC Athletics