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Classic USC-UCLA game #1

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  • Classic USC-UCLA game #1

    In honor of the big game on Saturday, here's a classic USC-UCLA battle from 1992

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    That Miner dunk still gives me the chills. I wasn't at that game but remember it so well. In matter of fact I taped that game. That's when VHS was around. That was probably my favorite USC team. They were probably the quickest team in the country with so many great athletes. The collection of (Miner, Coop, Glenn, & Chatman) were the 4 best guards USC has ever had. That team was legit. Everything was set up for that team to reach the Final 4. There were upsets in their bracket and I had seen all those teams left play throughout the year and was pretty confident USC would have reached the Final 4. Imagine putting E. Mobley with that team then and now. It would be epic!!


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      Yes and to think that was actually GAME 2 at the Sports think USC ALREADY beat them in game one at Pauley Pavilion about a month prior when the Bruins were RANKED #2 in the Nation.....then we come home and do it yet AGAIN with them RANKED #4!!! Aaaaaaahhhh....... Had to love it! FIGHT ON.


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        Sold out Sports Arena!