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Please no Walton Saturday

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  • Please no Walton Saturday

    Saturday is on ESPN so I fear we will get Walton. I want to watch the game without turning off the sound.

    If the PAC 12 wants to be taken serious about basketball they will get rid of this clown show.

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    Not likely. He will want to be on this game to torture us even if we win.


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      I get what you are saying about Bill, his mystical, hippie, Grateful Dead schtick gets real old. But I will say that he pretty much avoids being a major homer for UCLA when he calls the USC-UCLA game. And he tends to be very complimentary towards USC including the current team, basketball history, athletic history and academics.

      Actually, the Bruin that I think does call a good game and is not a UCLA homer is Don McClean. I really do enjoy his commentary. Which is interesting because I couldn't stand him when he was playing for UCLA.

      Oh yeah, one more thing - I was looking at Bruin Report Online to see what they were saying about the game and THEY were praying for no Bill Walton also !!
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