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Okay, here's a challenge for you all

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  • Okay, here's a challenge for you all

    I've taken the coaching tenure of the last seven coaches in USC history and created what I think are the best starting five from their teams.

    Now project which team would win in a tournament.


    Forrest Twogood
    John Block
    John Rudometkin
    Roy Irvin
    Chris Appel
    Tony Psaltis

    Bob Boyd
    Dennis Layton
    Gus Williams
    Paul Westphal
    Ron Riley
    Cliff Robinson

    Stan Morrison
    Dwight Anderson
    Bo Kimble
    Wayne Carlander
    Derrick Dowell
    Purvis Miller

    George Raveling
    Robert Pack
    Duane Cooper
    Harold Miner
    Lorenzo Orr
    Ronnie Coleman

    Henry Bibby
    Stais Boseman
    Jeff Trepagnier
    David Bluthenthal
    Sam Clancy
    Brian Scalabrine

    Tim Floyd
    Gabe Pruitt
    OJ Mayo
    Nick Young
    Demar Derozan
    Tajh Gibson

    Andy Enfield
    Jordan McLaughlin
    De'Anthony Melton
    Chimeze Metu
    Onyeka Okongwu
    Evan Mobley

    This is actually a really tough question, I think. The Boyd, Floyd and Enfield teams are filled with NBA talent, but the Bibby players were special too,

    In the end, I think it comes down to Floyd v. Enfield.

    I'll go with Floyd.

    What say you?

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    I'd take Floyd team for sure. I enjoyed the Bibby players the most I think.


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      Hey..where’s the Kevin O’Neil team with Nik, Alex Stepheson, Donte Smith, Dewayne Dedmon, & Gio Fontan? Lol jk

      I would give the edge to CAE > Tim Floyd only because I prefer quality bigs who are dynamic & are a force defensively. Going by how they were in college, Big O & Evan are at a 1st team AA level, while De’Anthony was set for a break out soph year + Metu & JMac are all P12 level players.


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        No Hank Gathers?


        • SC90s
          SC90s commented
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          Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. You can’t take Bo without Hank. Hank led the nation in points and rebounds, only the second player to accomplish that at the time..

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        I’d go with Floyd as well. Jury is still out on Enfield. Chance to be better depending on Evan. Wasn’t around for Boyd’s best but they would be right there as well. Best guard combo. Bibby needs a better guard, but has incredible smarts on the front line. Raveling needs another front court player.


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          Was not around for Boyd but based on what I know of those players that is a pretty formidable lineup. Are we going off of the most productive college season for each player? If that’s the case, I’d actually sub Vucevic in for DeRozan on the Floyd team.


          • SC90s
            SC90s commented
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            I love Noodles, but he’s the one I would take off for Vucevic. Team Floyd would be better with a second big.

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          I would take the completeness of the Bibby Team if we were entering into a prolonged tournament. If it was a one game showdown against a major rival I would want Rav coaching his group. To be honest, I would be happy with any of these squads.


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            What a great thread! I've seen all the teams except for the Twogood team. I'm having a difficult time deciding between the Boyd, Floyd. or Enfield team. All would be great teams with NBA talent but I'll go with the Boyd team with three terrific guards and the three starters from the team that finished 24-2 and was the highest ranked USC team ever. For a "football" school we have had many terrific players on the hardwood.


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              Btw SC should have gone to the elite 8 in 2007 if it weren’t for the refs suspiciously making BS calls all of a sudden.


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                Thanks for doing this! I don't remember much about the Twogood teams, but the rest of these names brought a smile to my face. I think if I had to pick a team based on their performance in college, I'd go with Coach Boyd. But, it's close.


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                  CAE! Big O and E Mobley. Two top 6 picks together. How do you beat that? Then add underrated DAM and the scrappy JMac. JMac getting the ball to the triple towers and DAM being the glue guy. Three of the best defenders in DAM, EM and Big O! How many blocks does this front line get?


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                    For the Enfield team, how about Julian Jacobs instead of Melton? Thought he worked very well with Jordan (who was only a junior). Both Jacobs and Melton were not very good outside shooters, but Julian was such a dynamic athlete.

                    As for a pair of guards (2, not 3), Team Boyd (Westphal & Williams) or Team Raveling (Miner & Pack)? Or how about a pair that played together - Westphal/Layton vs Miner/Cooper?


                    • eltrojano
                      eltrojano commented
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                      I'd take Melton easily over Jacobs.

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                    Love CAE, and love Coach Floyd, and love Coach Bibby .. I'm not familiar of how good the other teams. But I've heard they are great players as well. But two of my fav Trojan moments are when SC beat Kevin Durant's Texas team in 2007 and Coach Bibby's team beat Kentucky in 2001 and made it Elite 8. Those teams were tough and gritty. We lost to UNC in Sweet 16 and Duke to Elite 8 respectively. They are great teams, and they are my no 1 & 2.

                    I do love the line up under CAE. They are closer two my heart as I have travelled and watched the last 2 dance we got into - at Raleigh, NC and Tulsa, OK. However, with much love and respect, this team/players, along with CAE have not accomplished much in tournament win. But go Evan Mobley and CAE and take this current team to promise land. This is our year!

                    Fight On!


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                      I shared this thread today with my golfing buddy, Steve Kemp, who played under Bob Boyd. Here's his take on the challenge:

                      "Boyd and Floyd....they were the 2 best coaches"...Steve


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                        I assume we're talking about the players during their best year at SC. If it was the NBA players they became I'd say Floyd by a mile. While at SC it's probably Boyd. Those guys were #2 in the country,

                        Plus if Evan was on the floor with Chimezie & Big O he'd only get 4 shots a game.