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  • A few thoughts...

    Man every time we are on ESPN and I have to DVR it’s a guarantee to miss the first 6 minutes. Oy!!!

    Was that Goodwin and Isaiah both hitting their free-throws????

    Ethan - man he was playing H-O-R-S-E with the Ruins. Splash for three. And now I’m gonna blow by the basket and throw up a know look prayer. And you know it’s going in.

    Note to recruiters, figure out who those WCC guys are targeting for PG. Eaddy was money. Love that kid.

    As for my prediction(which I didn’t post) I had us down 6 at the half (on the bad side of the court) and us winning by 2 once we got the good side. We did up the margin by 8, so I call Yahtzee.

    Finally a lot of losses in the top-25 this week. Ruins may hang on at 25 but we slide in at 16-18!!

    Looking forward to our first (next) win as a ranked team in a really long time.

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    Fair enough. Good call. Not good form on my part. Great win by the Trojans.


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      Yeah that wasn’t very nice. Jake is a great kid, comes from a great family. Iirc one of his family members is a poster on this board. Keep it classy. Fight on!


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        Apologies all, edited post to remove that inappropriate remarks. Thanks for calling it out.


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          "Ethan - man he was playing H-O-R-S-E with the Ruins."
          I was wanting Evan to dominate on offense since UCLA was shorthanded but it was probably more important for Ethan to go off like he did. We already know what Evan can do but if Ethan and Taj continue to play more consistently we are going to be so much better as a team.