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    Of all the groups celebrating yesterday's victory, I put myself in the category of "cautiously optimistic" for the future.
    Yesterday's victory, as the Stanford victory, was solid. What I've always wanted from a basketball team is to beat teams in a way that is *reproducible*, not because our opponents didn't have some key players or one of our guys had a hot night. We are doing just that, with a solid defense and now with multiple offensive threats.

    It is important to note that both our most recent victories did come against teams who were missing key players, but that alone isn't the reason we won. Which is key.

    What this means is that we are now the front runners to win the conference and, barring a complete collapse in the second half of conference play, to be a premier NCAA tournament team. I say this with cautious optimism, because what this means is significant.

    College basketball has had an East coast bias for as long as I've been alive so, excepting a dominant pre-season from the P12, the tournament is really our only chance to show the country we can play ball with the rest of the field. And if we do in fact win at least a share of the regular season crown, *it will be on us to prove that to the rest of the country.*

    It's not Oregon anymore, or UCLA, or the Arizona's - it would really be our job to ensure the P12 gets the respect it deserves going forward. So I ask "Do you know what this means...?" Because it hit me that an unofficial "goal" I had for our season, to make it to the Sweet 16, which sounds admirable, really isn't good enough anymore.

    Full stop, here, if we were to make it to the Sweet 16, both myself and the rest of the board would undoubtedly be thrilled and I'd have the utmost respect for this team and AE for a long time. No shame in losing there for me. But that result, taken in the larger context of the conference, is underwhelming.

    We're (P12) seem to be in a rebuilding state at the moment: UCLA trying to figure things out with Mick, AZ recoiling with FBI investigation, and CAE truly building a long term program at SC, but I hope we can be back on track to excellence soon.

    This is just a bit of perspective. Like most, I am incredibly please with our performance so far and excited about how much better we can become.

    Fight on!

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    if there is a year to go to the Elite 8/Final Four, this would be it

    -sneaky good
    -underappreciated by media
    -Duke/North Carolina/Kansas all down
    -no fans/few fans in the NCAA Tournament
    -dont have to travel much, if at all, during the NCAA Tournament
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      + no huge travel punishment for a west coast team...

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    Great post & I do understand where you & others who have the same sentiments are coming from. We (as in USC Hoops) are currently in uncharted territories. NOBODY expected for this team to be atop the P12 after 10 games in. With the current make up of 3 grad transfers from at best, mid major programs + a key transfer from Rice (Omar Oraby, anyone?) The media expected this team to finish 6th, 6th!! Ethan was interviewed last night after his terrific performance & he was a believer from day 1, he clearly stated he knew how good this new group of guys were coming in. None of us didn’t, I can honestly say I was a bit more optimistic than 6th maybe 4th at best but wow, this group + staff has got me a believer 18 games in. They have bought in defensively & CAE was quoted as saying, “Evan is a type of player that is all about the team & not individual numbers.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is a kid that was at one point rated the best overall prospect in his class & is pegged to be a first team AA & a top NBA draft pick..we all already knew that about Evan but his unselfishness is a rare trait amongst his peers (see Josh Christopher at ASU). This years team is totally different from years past. In such a weird season where the pandemic has taken it’s toll amongst numerous programs including ours + the normal blue bloods having mediocre seasons, this could very well be the year where USC comes out on top....Fight on!


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      Ok, please tell me where I can watch SC post game stuff cause I get the UCLA stuff in my feed but would love to watch the SC players and staff of course!