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    Here is a history of USC basketball's AP rankings. As you can see, the rankings are few and far between. So, my humble advice to those of you who are relatively new to USC basketball is to enjoy this ranking while we have it because, for this program, such rankings do not grow on trees.

    Check out USC Trojans's Complete College AP Polls History and More About College Basketball at

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    Thanks for digging out this archive file of USC BB program's AP ranking record. It really provides a great perspective to evaluate the program's success, or lack of it.

    We all know SC is a football school. I understand BB sits on the back seat in many trojans' mind. Yet I can never imagine that USC was not AP-25 ranked from
    1978-12-18 to 1991-12-30! Talk about lost decade, this is a 13-year dark age.

    This proves that we made a remarkable progress in the last two decades. CAE is leading USC BB to the top tier of PAC-12 and to a prominent national visibility.


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      I would have sworn that we were #1 at some point in 1970-71. I think the ruins lost a game before they played us and we were undefeated. I didn't care for the officiating in that game and we lost, and then lost again to the ruins to finish the season 24-2 (??). No tournament because each conference only got one representative.