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USC's lineup of death?

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  • USC's lineup of death?

    What do you think of a potential small ball lineup of death centered around Evan Mobley? So, Evan + Peterson + Bauman + Eaddy + (Max A. or White or EA)?

    Agains UConn, the announcers said that USC played the best defense again Evan because we crowded him with our players in the paint. What if we gave E.Mobley space down low and surrounded him on the perimeter with 3 good shooters (Peterson, Bauman, and Eaddy) and then maybe Max because he's so versatile? We've got to Evan Mobley more touches.

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    Assume each player plays at a level as their 5-game average or better, then the line up of Evan + 3 good shooters (Peterson, Bauman, and Eaddy) + (Goodwin/Max/White/Isaiah/EA) could be lethal to lots of our future opponents. Lucky we have so many options in line up this year.

    I also enjoyed watching our tall line-up of Evan (7-0), Isaiah (6-10), Goodwin or Max(6-9), Peterson(6-8), and Baumann(6-6). This combination gave intimidating pressure on both offensive and defensive ends in both UCon and UCI games.