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Wazzu part 2

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  • Wazzu part 2

    Who'd of thought that we'd be sitting atop the PAC12 this late in the season and facing a Wazzu team that is actually formidable. Their coach is building something nice there. My profile picture is actually me in the early-mid 80's at Cougar Cage Camp at WSU. Len Stevens was the coach, right before Kelvin Sampson. Sampson watched me play at an all-star camp in North Idaho his first year at WSU... I wasn't nearly good enough, lol.

    I say just keep the ball out of Bonton's hands. Don't even let him get the ball in the back court. We've got the defenders to do it.

    Oh, and when they double down on Evan and he kicks it back out? Make the three!
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    I would put some length on him & see how Drew can play him out on an island. Everytime I think of a high scoring lead guard, I just get memories of Markus Howard haha


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      Markus Howard was a nightmare. I was there.

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    Bonton is a dangerous player in a couple of ways. He could have been called for at least one flagrant foul against the Bruins. I don't know if he is a dirty player or just reckless but he is aggressive and I hope no one gets hurt.