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10 Seconds Left...Pick your Top 3 SC Closers

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  • 10 Seconds Left...Pick your Top 3 SC Closers

    We're a month away from the PAC-12 tournament, and hopefully a well earned seed in the Big Dance, and there are a lot of opinions on who our best players are. There are 10 seconds left. We're down by 2. CAE calls a time out to set up the game closing sequence. Which 3 players would you choose to put the ball in the hands of? My top 3 Trojans closers are:

    TAJ EADDY - Taj is a cold blooded assassin. He reminds me of a poor-man's Lou Williams. First and foremost, he is fearless. He can score from anywhere on the court - at all three levels. He is a skilled ball handler - maybe our best - can create his own shot, and is a very willing passer with good vision. Don't put him on the line. He'll take a foul and win it from the line if he has to.

    EVAN MOBLEY - Our future NBA superstar is still developing his game, and is never afraid of the moment. Evan is a brutal matchup in the post. He has amazing touch near the basket, can score equally well with both hands, and has tremendous footwork. Evan can score from anywhere, but he's an obvious choice for anything free-throw line and in to win the game. Did I mention this kid can pass if he's double-teamed? Oh yeah - he's killing it from the charity stripe too.

    DREW PETERSON - Our newcomer from Rice has been a true blessing. Uber confident, and super-steady with the ball, Drew can fill it up from outside, and is especially lethal taking it to the rack. He gets to the rim with ease, and can rise for a smooth pull up jumper anywhere along the way. Drew has point guard skill sets in a 6'8" frame, has strong off-hand skills, has great touch inside, and is a savvy passer with excellent court vision. In Drew I trust!

    These are my top three. Who are yours?
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    TBH, I don't think you'd want anyone else on the team near the basketball to close out a game. I'd go with the same three but I might want Mobley getting the last shot due to you would have a greater chance of him going to the line.


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      This year we are very fortunate to have a lot of offensive fire powers from a lot of positions. It has become a sharp contrast with our past average teams.
      From our 17-3 record so far, I second your 1, 2, 3 priorities unless we have another player with a super hot hand on that gameday.