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Key games from here on out

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  • Key games from here on out

    Here are the games that should decide the conference:

    Arizona at UCLA
    Colorado at Oregon
    Arizona at USC
    Oregon at Stanford
    UCLA at Colorado
    USC at Colorado
    USC at UCLA

    Wildcard is if we schedule a game with Oregon or not.

    Looking at this, I can see UCLA losing at least one more game before playing us.

    My sense is that if we take care of business at home next week, we will win the conference.

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    Would love a revenge win at Colorado. The other thread about complete games? This is the one I’d like to see it happen. Beating Boyle by 25-30 would be sweet.


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      If the team can win the remaining games at home, odds are extremely favorable. I think Uglies, CU and Oregon lose at least 1 more. They have to because they play each other. Does Stanford at home become a trap game? Stanford usually plays us tough in Galen. One game at a time and fingers crossed


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        What's happening with all those games Oregon had to postpone? Are they planning on re-scheduling them at some point? I don't think they've re-scheduled any of them yet, have they?


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          I've been wondering the same thing. They can't win the conference playing only 15 games while we play 19.

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        Altman, knowing he won’t have enough games, is probably using his remaining games to focus on winning conference tournament, as they did recently, to get the auto bid to the dance.