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  • Who scares you more...

    Washingtons on the road, or AZ's at home?

    It varies year by year of course, 2 years ago facing Mike Hopkin's loaded Washington team was not fun, and playing AZ when they had Ayton was never destined to go well, but for this year in particular, what do you think?

    I think I'm biased since its the next step, but the Arizona's scare me more. They are generally well coached (idk whats up with Hurley this year) and have talented players though notably missing "superstars" this year. They both played us close earlier in the season; and ASU did so without some key players.

    On the other hand, both teams are "small" and we have the athleticism to shut down ASU's talented guards and to disrupt AZ's offense. I don't foresee Tubelis having as stellar a game against us this time, and I think Evan's development into a more "dominant" player over the course of the season and Ethan's return to form helps us considerably on the defensive end.

    With respect to offense, we are turning into a tough nut to crack. The UCLA film shows that you can't just jam up the middle without covering the guards. WSU demonstrated that Tahj is capable of being as lethal an offensive threat as Evan if not accounted for. The passing game between the Mobley's has developed considerably in the last month and I have yet to mention rebounding.

    Wednesday marks the beginning of our 3 game homestretch, glad we don't have to wait to long for this next one. Let's take care of business.

    Fight On!

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    AZs at home, definitely.

    They're still the better/more talented teams which have the potential to have a very potent night offensively. Feels more likely we'd drop one to ASU or UA with an off shooting night (on our end) than it does vs. the Washington schools.

    To your point, the Wazzu and UCLA games are an interesting model. If I'm an opposing HC, I guard us the same way they did and not let our bigs beat you, because they absolutely will. Clog the paint and hope our perimeter guys are off. If ONE of Tahj, Peterson or Ethan has it going we're a really tough cover.

    If Tahj and Peterson both have it going on the same night, we really shouldn't lose again to anyone in league play.


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      I worry more about any road game, so I'd say the Washington schools. I think we feel very confident playing the Arizona schools at home no matter what the year, but this year even more so because we swept them on the road.


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        Arizona's without a doubt. USC was going to win both the games in Washington this year as long as they didn't get complacent. Was a little worried after being ranked that we could have a let down. But not this team. They may not always play great but they play hard and unselfish every game.

        Whereas the Arizona's have enough talent to win at home or away. I think our size is just too much for ASU unless they hit 3's similar to the Cal-Baptist game so pretty confident we will win that game.

        But Arizona is another animal. They have size and if anyone saw their two games against Colorado & Oregon we will be in a battle. Those two games we're the best two games in the Pac-12 this year. Two high-level games and Arizona could/should have won both. Since their not going to the tournament it seems they are getting up for the good teams. If they play like they did against Colorado & Oregon, UCLA is going to be in for a long night.