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USC continues to shine in the Pac-12 statistical comparisons

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  • USC continues to shine in the Pac-12 statistical comparisons

    We lead the conference in scoring defense, scoring margin, FG% defense, Rebounding offense, Rebound margin, blocked shots, offensive rebounds, defensive rebounds, offensive rebound % and overall win %, plus we are 2nd in FG%, 3rd in scoring, 2nd in 3PT FG% defense, and have the conference's longest win streak at 6.

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    Man, if we only had a coach...


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      Man, if we only had
      (1) better free throw percentage (everybody shoots 70% or better),
      (2) active thoughts on steals at the defensive end ( I think we regressed this year on this stat), and
      (3) 10 or under turnover/game, then
      we will easily be a one-loss team with a lot of double-digit blow-out wins. 😀


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        Nice stats!! How long has it been since we've dominated the conference statistically like this? LOVE IT! Would be great to get that 3P% up into the top 4. We're going to need to shoot 35%+ imo to do serious damage in March. I think that's totally achievable with this group. (Wouldn't hurt if IsiashM and Chevez got their FT% up into the 60%s....also totally achievable.)