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Baumann and Peterson Rushing their 3-Point Shots...

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  • Baumann and Peterson Rushing their 3-Point Shots...

    I wonder if the coaching staff would ever take a minute to check out team boards..... Just imagine - what if any of us could somehow make a difference?

    I've identified something simple that might help with Drew and Noah's outside shooting. The past month, both players have struggled from outside, and I see them both repeating the same mechanical issue. I've spent a lifetime coaching here in LA, and it's clear that both players are pressing - not doing the essentials when they have the time:

    As the ball rotates, set shooters need good preparation technique. Among them:
    1-knees bent
    2-hands up
    3-eyes on the ball

    There is more to good shooting technique, but these are the 3 of the basics. It's really #2 that is the glaring problem.

    Noah and Drew are both rushing their shots up without lower body preparation, and are thus not using their legs properly. I honestly believe they could get right back on track with just this one little tip. They're both very skilled shooters. Both have had smaller roles in our offense of late. As such, my instincts tell me they're pressing a tick to stay involved. I don't think either are forcing shots. I just think they're sometimes neglecting to prepare their lower body in the process of rushing to get them up. Coaches - It's all on film.

    Let's win this thing! Fight On!