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  • Recruiting and future rosters

    Given that one of the key components of team success in college basketball lately is experience, USC is actually in a strong position in the next 2-3 seasons.

    Thanks to the NCAA handing out a free year, this already-experienced team will return everyone who wants to return in 2021-2022. Of course, Evan Mobley is a lock to be gone, and likely one or two of the grad transfers could go. But it's also possible that one or all of the grad transfers DO return. In which case, while next year's team won't have a top 3 NBA pick at its disposal, it will be loaded with players who helped USC finish with what might end up as its best season in a couple decades.

    As it turns out, USC picked the best possible year to have three key grad transfers and another transfer as part of its rotation.

    Here is the potential roster in 2021-2022:

    Tajh Eaddy - SR
    Isaiah White - SR
    Chavez Goodwin - SR
    Drew Peterson - JR
    Noah Baumann - JR
    Isaiah Mobley - SO
    Josh Morgan - SO
    Ethan Anderson - SO
    Max Agbonkpolo - SO
    KJ Allen - SO
    Reese Waters - FR
    Boubacar Coulibaly - FR
    Harrison Hornery - FR
    Malik Thomas - FR
    Kobe Johnson - FR

    Things also look fantastic on the experience front in 2022-2023. Obviously, it's possible (maybe even likely) that one or two of these guys could transfer or go pro, but it's not set in stone yet.

    Drew Peterson - SR
    Noah Baumann - SR
    Isaiah Mobley - JR
    Max Agbonkpolo - JR
    Josh Morgan - JR
    Ethan Anderson - JR
    KJ Allen - JR
    Boubicar Coulibaly - SO
    Reese Waters - SO
    Malik Thomas - SO
    Harrison Hornery - SO
    Kobe Johnson - SO
    At least one more recruit.

    Each of these juniors save Allen will really be seniors, and all of the sophomores will in actuality be juniors. If we can find someone like a Kijani Wright or another top guard talent, this stands to be a really experienced and talented group.

    Finally, the 2023-2024 season will potentially include experience up the wazzu:

    Isaiah Mobley - SR
    Max Agbonkpolo - SR
    Josh Morgan - SR
    Ethan Anderson - SR
    KJ Allen - SR
    Boubicar Coulibaly - JR
    Reese Waters - JR
    Malik Thomas - JR
    Harrison Hornery - JR
    Kobe Johnson - JR
    Plus at least 3 more recruits.

    You won't find many NCAA teams in 2024 with 10 juniors and seniors. And, while it's looking far ahead, but Ethan, Max and Isaiah could wind up being a part of the winningest recruiting class in USC history when they're all done (thanks in large part to that extra season).

    This all really bodes well for this program for the next three years. It's hard to look too far out because some things could change on a dime and injuries are always a factor but, based on how the experience on the roster projects, the next two USC teams look like they are likely to be NCAA tournament bound.

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    I was worried next year might see a dip before the season after makes a nice comeback but this looks really promising. Fingers crossed.

    Hopefully lockdown restrictions are somewhat lifted by then.


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      The team is going to be very solid next season. Even with Evan gone & possibly Isaiah + Chevez, the staff from what I have heard really like Boubar Coulibaly’s upside and if they can get Joshua Morgan to be a bit more comfortable on offense around the basket with the ball in his hands then they might have something SPECIAL in him as well. The only question is where will the scoring come from, if Tahj, Evan/Isaiah Mobley, Isaiah White all decide to move on?

      Automatically by default we should expect Drew to make a jump & that Reese would be ready to jump right into the lineup (he’s well built & is fearless on the court).

      Regardless, the best thing about this season is that all of the players are building a culture of what is in the making of a top flight Pac12 program.

      Terms of the roster & how it would work out numbers wise, I was listening to a USC Football podcast earlier in the day with Ryan Abraham, Keely & Shotgun Spartling. Shotgun brought up an interesting point with how the scholarships numbers SHOULD work. Basically, the NCAA will allow any seniors on the current roster to not count towards the scholarship limit but in the following year there could very well be a mass exodus of player turnover due to the scholarship limits/team.

      It’s going to be an interesting hurdle but we’ll worry about that when we cross that bridge.


      • Marty46r
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        Where is I.Mobley going? He definitely is not going to be drafted nor does he have the ability to play in the NBA as it stands today. He is shooting 45% from the field where 90% of his shots are within 5 feet. His free throw percentage is the same which is horrendous. Isaiah is a very heady player, good defender, rebounder and teammate. He really needs to work on his offensive game and IMO, should stay four years and get his degree. I guess he can always go overseas and make some money.

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      Marty, I think he means Isaiah White!


      • Marty46r
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        Oh yeah, I forgot about him.

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      I Mobley is probably going be where his dad is going to be.


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        MeltonnotHelton, the original poster"s next season roster, is the best case scenario. That is, only Evan leaves and all grad transfers return. Even under this best case scenario, we will be weaker than this year team. Why? Because Water cannot replace Evan's offense production rebounding, and defense.

        Here is a likely roster for the next year roster. Chances are that Evan and all 3 grad transfers will be gone.

        Isaiah mobley

        So a 3 star Boubacar with no experience and inexperienced Morgan w mostly defensive skil will replace a 5 star w high offensive and defensive skil set.

        Opposite Isaiah Mobley, the only experience guy will be Max. But everyone knows he cannot shoot. I am praying that either Harrison or Allen will be better than Max. However they do not have PAC 12 experience at all. So,
        we may be stuck w Max unless we move Drew there.
        I hope that we will have s quality grad transfer for the Max's position.

        The bottom line is that our next year team will be weaker than this year team and not so solid.


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          A wildcard for next season will definitely how the NCAA handles eligibility: if all transfers can be immediately eligible again, the transfer market should be very active once again. Given what we’ve done the last two years with grad transfers, I have faith the coaches can find another forward on the transfer market.


          • SC MOJO
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            Totally. Can't wait to unwrap that gift! ...and all 3 SR grad transfers on this year's team could have left to go pro in Europe, or enter G-League. I think there's a good chance all three will be back. Really good chance.