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There's a New Band in Town - BOBBY HURLEY & THE TANTRUMS

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  • There's a New Band in Town - BOBBY HURLEY & THE TANTRUMS

    Tomorrow will almost assuredly display another instance of little Bobby Hurley - flopping his arms around like the miniature version of one of those long blow up marketing dummies - stepping onto the court & screaming like a 5 year old to anyone who will listen that somebody stole his applesauce. He's no different than when he was running the show @ Duke, and sure it was annoying then, but I actually rooted for him. I mean, come on - how could you not? The guy is 5'9" with shoes on, and he could dunk! (Seriously.) The diminutive point guard proved the world wrong by running back Coach K's team to the Final Four time and time again. He was spectacular, but he complained with the best of them. Now that he's an adult, it's somehow much more intolerable. He's supposed be an adult. ...yet there he is, bantering about on the sidelines. Bobby's teams are tough. He teaches them to get into their opponents, and grab and push and claw and bite - until they know how far the refs will let them go....or what flavor antiperspirant their opponents wear. It's brilliant, if not fraudulent. Nobody's going to jail. Set the tone early. Be the more physical team. It's all about winning. Push, pull, grab, tug and trip, and let the coach tell the refs how terribly unfair their opponents are. It's a Napoleon complex in rare form.

    Like Indiana and Texas Tech's Bobby before him, Bobby Hurley rides the refs like there's no tomorrow, and I SWEAR the pressure he applies eventually gets them. We've witnessed it multiple times. Calls start swinging his way. Did you watch last years game @ ASU? You know the one. We collapsed in the waning minutes, and ASU got like 4 game changing - ridiculously terrible calls??? I know. It's the PAC-12, so remembering ONE of a multitude of games where the PAC-12 referees rendered us the short end of the stick is like remembering what you had for lunch a year ago today. It happens everyday, so how would you remember 365 days ago?

    Well, I remember last year's lunch. Pepperoni pizza, Italian salad with peppers, and a Coke.

    I remember it, because it's plastered all over the shirt I was wearing while watching last year's game when I HURLEYED it up all over the place.. I was holding it down fine, until Remy Martin's shot rolled around the rim - fought to come out - and finally fell to seal the referee-induced Sun Devil basketball win against our Trojans at Tempe. Bobby's tantrum orchestrated the referees like he was the conductor at an opera. ...obviously a tragedy.....another Trojans tragedy... but it was, indeed, a sight to behold. Running to the right....stomping to the left...head bobbling around on his shoulders like it's not connected...arms waving...spit flying...screaming to the rafters...


    Here's hoping somebody brings him a pacifier...or a rolled up sock. ..or a small horse bit. ...or a big jar of JIF peanut butter (the Costco variety). Maybe somebody could offer him a nice, long strip of duct-tape. Perhaps he'll bump into Bill Walton in the lobby prior to the game, and the two of them will get so caught up listening to the sounds of their own voices, they'll miss the game jibber-jabbering away. We should be so lucky. Nah. Bobby will show. He loves a good referee ribbing more than his applesauce. I wouldn't, however, be at all surprised if Bill remained in the lobby to converse with himself. (The Galen Center lobby acoustics are amazing!)

    PAC-12 Referees need training, so they don't succumb to Hurleys tirades. It reminds me of the best commercial I've seen in years (must-watch youtube link below).
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    Epic post lol


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      Haha thank you for several laughs. I remember exactly what I had to eat as well...and it was also pizza. I remember yelling at the TV in public in El Segundo.


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        Great post. I remember that game as the one that ended the Enfield Era and eventually led to his contract not being renewed.


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          Right?!?!?! hahahahaha

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        Did anybody see Hurley's antics at the end of the game? He is one of a kind. I'm sure his ASU fans love him.

        Little known fact: the word "Hurley" in Latin means "a small irritant."

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