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  • ASU / U of A Injury Reports, Thoughts

    This was today from Bobby Hurley on ASU's injuries:

    “Virtually, we’re in a very similar space as we were going into Oregon State. Things are very much up in the air for both Marcus and Josh for Wednesday, they didn’t practice today. But they’re going on the trip and they are making good progress and we’re going to have an opportunity to shoot tonight at USC and maybe those guys will do a little something there. And then we’ll go through shootaround and re-evaluate both of those guys. As far as (ASU freshman forward) Pavlo (Dziuba), is still out. (ASU junior forward) Taeshon (Cherry) is still out, obviously. (ASU sophomore guard) Caleb (Christopher) will be back for this game, so I think that’ll get us to eight scholarship players, again, depending on what Josh and Marcus are going to do. But I anticipate one or both those guys playing at some point this week."

    Bottom line is ASU has THREE potential 1st rounders on their roster in Remy, Josh & Bagley. And they have a crazy streak-shooter in Alonzo Verge Jr. (didnt he torch us in Tempe last year?). You just hope they dont put it all together for one game. And they've showed flashes of rebounding of late too. Shocking, I know. They actually outrebounded the bruising Ducks, 43-42. Although, they did have a TON of opportunities for boards, shooting 33% on SIXTY-SIX shots in a frenetic, ugly game. As for recent rebounding leaders, 6'9" / 220 soph forward Jalen Graham had 11 boards in their last game, a narrow win over OSU & Kimani Lawrence (6'8" 210) had 12 against Oregon.

    As for Arizona, there are no significant injuries from what I can see. Benedict Mathurin's ankle is fine although he struggled against Oregon. And they have Kerr Kriisa eligible now. CabJag told me about this kid a while back and I saw a super wily, veteran-like PG even though his face looks like Kevin McAllister's and he looked to weigh about the same. They are super high on the Estonian freshman guard. He's coming off of his best game of the year against the Ducks, albeit in only his 4th game. He finished with 12 points, 5 assists and only 2 TOs in 23 minutes. He's the facilitator the Cats need desperately unlike the shoot-first Akinjo. This is a team to watch out for in the future. Hopefully we are getting them at the right time with respect to some of their players development. Kriisa is a savvy, pass-first guard who can also shoot the 3. As referenced, he looks like he's about 15. And he's slight, wiry still but I read he's added 15 pounds. Stupid McDonalds.

    The Ducks are starting to roll and I figured they'd beat Arizona by 15 like we did in Tucson. But they didnt. And Akinjo & Mathurin struggled from the field. This is a very dangerous game imo. Kriisa is a player to watch and having EA back to keep pace & body this kid should be a big factor.

    While both games are dangerous, the Cats are going to start rolling like the Ducks are, imo. I could see us going 2-0 at home sans crowd, 1-1 or even 0-2 if Remy & Alonzo are on fire.

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    If you read Rich Rueben's column, he feels like one of the Arizona teams will get us this week. And he seems to have a real feel for this team. No doubt, despite our road sweep in AZ earlier this year, both of these games scare me, especially if ASU has Bagley and Christopher.


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      Yes, ASU and Arizona have a lot of talent. In fact before the season they were ranked above USC.
      injuries and COVID-19 have hurt their season.
      It might be a closer game than would like.


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        Games with both schools have been very competitive at Galen over the recent past. I like our chances against ASU better than Zona. ASU has no height, as in Tempe, our length will control the game offensively. I like our defense over anyone else in the conference. Zona to me is the hurdle. They have talent and if it comes together against us and we’re cold from the perimeter, it could end up being a tough game. Need the energy in both games. I do think if we play good games against both or in fact if we play good against any team in the conference, we’ll win.


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          Any loss from here on out would be tough to take but especially to ASU given their NET ranking, the likelihood that they won't be playing at full strength and playing them at home. I'd really be happy with a win tonight.


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            I wouldn't be surprised if we dropped one this week. I just can't stand losing to Hurley or Tad Boyle. I'd take a loss vs the Wildcats if we can beat the Sundevils and Buffaloes. The close to the season should be a fun one! How awesome is it to be sitting on top with 6 games to go??