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Big Game Tomorrow

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  • Big Game Tomorrow

    Arizona vs. UCLA. The Bruins are slight favorites but I think the Wildcats have a good chance to win and widen our lead in the conference. ESPN 2, 6pm .

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    One more UCLA loss and we would really be in great shape.


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      I think ASU has a good chance against the gutties. Can't imagine Tyger containing Remy all that well. If they don't get another big performance from Juzang it will be tough for them.


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        UCLA has historically played very well against Wildcats. Let’s hope history takes a night off.

        Tough to root for the Wildcats. Not a big fan of Sean Miller and wonder when all the NCAA sanctions come down on them.

        Fight On !!!


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          Originally posted by Troyview
          Tough to root for the Wildcats.
          Not so tough when they’re playing the bRuins


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            Arizona should dominate the boards tomorrow. UCLA better hit a high % otherwise their in for a long night.

            The game of the night is Colorado/Oregon. Colorado coming off a bad loss to Cal should be ready for a top effort. And Oregon sitting close to the bubble(mainly because of covid) needs as many wins as possible.


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              Both the Ucla and the Oregon games mean a lot to our chances of winning the conference title. But for the first time I have a lot of confidence in our own team. Love the defense and the match up problems we cause. Also feel that our coach has come into his own and made the changes we have needed. Won the second half of all but two games. We play shut down D and close out games well. All of this is a sign of solid coaching. Give credit where credit is due.