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Fight on all !

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  • Fight on all !

    Fight On all from San Diego !

    I recall back in 1997 when Brian started his board and although , I don't post much these days ,
    I still visit often, and am truly appreciative of all of you who have kept the longevity and consistency of USC Basketball Boards going for all of these years.!
    I'm excited for this new Board and for this team and the future of USC Basketball, Men and Women, both .

    Fight On and Beat the Huskies !

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    Agreed. Thanks for keeping it going.


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      Hi Ray. Great to see you here.


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        Thank you Marty !
        Thanks for being here for all of these decades !
        East coast , non alum, great fan for decades , stay up til 130 am ET
        for our games . Just sterling fanship Marty !
        Thank you and Cheers, plus let’s keep it all going for many more years to come !!


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          It has been a while for me. Happy to be back here with my SC hoops family. I'm one of your few sunshine pumpers in the other board. I'm bringing it here - got VIP pass haha - I'm optimistic in every way. I believed this team is capable of doing a lot better than projected. Super excited about this team's journey this year. And super happy about this new board forum.

          Stay safe & healthy everyone as this challenging year comes to a close. Fight On forever!