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Evan Mobley best big man prospect since...

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  • Evan Mobley best big man prospect since...

    Karl Towns? Embiid? Anthony Davis?

    I keep scratching my head for a comp with him, but there doesn't seem to be a perfect one. Anthony Davis is probably the best one given his skill level, athleticism, and impact on the floor at both ends.

    If I'm a GM I have a really hard time passing on Evan at #1. HIs ceiling is obvious, but he may also have the highest floor of anyone at the top of the draft. He's the perfect modern day big - skilled, athletic, and can switch 1-5 defensively, and he is productive as hell. He dominates games without dominating the ball. He's not Jaren Jackson Jr. or one of these other bigs drafted on potential with limited production at the college level.

    With experience, strength, and maturity there is zero reason his game should translate smoothly to the NBA level. I'm all in.

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    Obviously it sounds silly, but the player he reminds me most of, in his first year of college ball, is Kareem.


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      I thought the same thing about a comparison to Alcindor, Similar frame and a ton of athleticism for a 7’. I think if he fills out AD is a good comparison. Let’s hope Evan can stay healthy. I think that’s the only thing that might hold him back. Fight On Evan

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    Imo Greg Oden


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    Once a Evan fully grows into his body and added 30 pounds and muscle. Watch out !! Just a youngster now. Maybe he should stay another year to develop! 😉. Fight On Evan!


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      Watching Chris Boucher of Raptors and he looks a lot like Evan right now.