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We didn’t play well...

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  • We didn’t play well...

    But credit to Arizona. They played quite well. Lots of talent on that team and they had a good game plan.

    on to the next. Let’s save our best for the Ducks!

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    And go Utes and Sun Devils


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      13/22 FT, 7/20 3pt (2 of those in garbage time), gave up 15 offensive rebounds (seems like every tip ball went to AZ) cold to finish the game. Worst performance in a long time.

      This game was ours, but we wasted EVERY opportunity. Couldn’t buy a bucket or FT when it mattered.

      hopefully this leaves a bad taste in their mouth like losing at Oregon state did.

      If I’m looking for a positive, I’d say it’s the first game Evan demanded the ball and tried to will us back to victory. Him playing angry like that will be great so long as someone else on the team can hit a dang jump shot.


      • TroyWonder
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        he had like 4 points in the 1st Half and 19 in the 2nd right? Team didnt feed him the ball enough imo.

      • PxPxTrojan
        PxPxTrojan commented
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        Correct. Second half he started to go ISO once it was clear no one else could shoot a lick. They couldn’t stop him.

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      I don’t think the energy was there, but we got very unlucky on every 50-50 ball, or so it seemed.


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        Definitely hard to watch us lose that one. I find it hard to believe that this Arizona team is the same one that looked so bad against UCLA.


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          Nope. And Arizona did. Great game plan to keep going at USC bigs. And Akinjo didn’t lay an egg like he did in Tucson.

          USC playing okay isn’t enough to beat an Arizona playing well. But it’s a good sign (for USC) of where the respective programs are that, if both teams brought their A game, USC would have the edge.