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  • PAC-12 gonna PAC-12

    In trying to figure out the regular season could play out, I’m completely baffled how they could commit USC to its make up game without scheduling a UCLA/Oregon game that same week.

    Here’s what I could come up with as possible scenarios without the second Stanford game being played and no UCLA/Oregon game.

    If I have this right...

    2-2 may still do it as long as the two wins are UCLA and Oregon. Then all we’d need is Stanford, Cal, or Oregon State to beat Oregon.

    3-1 with two of the wins being UCLA and Oregon would give us the regular season title.

    3-1 losing to Oregon and we’d still need another Oregon loss since they’d own the tiebreaker With both of us at 4 loses.

    3-1 losing to UCLA makes it ours only if they lose to CO? Do they skip oregon as next highest common opponent since UCLA will not have played them? If not, we win by way of being 1-0 vs Oregon with UCLA having not played them. If so, they would have to lose to CO, moving to the next highest common opponent, which would be Stanford by way of their likely tiebreaker over Arizona (assuming AZ goes 2-0 vs. Washington schools and Stanford goes 1-1 vs Oregon schools). If it’s AZ that’s the next highest team after Oregon and CO, we lose that tiebreaker.

    Two things that will make a HUGE difference...Getting a UCLA/Oregon game in and our Stanford makeup game. It would be almost comically unfair if the PAC-12 made USC play Stanford while not making up a UCLA/Oregon game, since losing to Stanford would make even the 3-1 scenario with wins over Oregon and UCLA a moot point with one more loss than those schools? Never mind the fact it would be asking USC to play 4 more conference games than Oregon and 2 more than UCLA...

    Of course, going 4-0 makes all of the above a moot point. Sweep the mountain schools, Oregon, and UCLA, and the Stanford game doesn’t even matter.

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    Read Rich Ruben’s post game analysis & listened to Shotgun Spratling’s instant analysis and they both are saying that the staff isn’t too happy with how the P12 came about making the switch on the schedule in such short of a notice. Oh well, beat the Ducks!


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      Adding the game made sense: the conference should want to highlight their top teams. What doesn’t make sense is keeping the Stanford game for USC while not adding a UCLA/Oregon game. Completely unfair to USC.


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        Agree, why isn’t Oregon playing UCLA early March? Both teams have openings early that week. SC plays Stanford. Makes one wonder about the logic coming out of Larry Scott. Bohn needs to support his teams.


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          Enfield and Bohn have to speak up. Tell the LA Times, why the deuce are we playing Stanford when UCLA isn't playing Oregon?!

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        Originally posted by Troyview View Post
        Makes one wonder about the logic coming out of Larry Scott.
        June cant come soon enough.