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Anyone watch Ohio St.-Michigan?

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  • Anyone watch Ohio St.-Michigan?

    Just a different level of basketball then the Pac-12 IMO. Much more physical and just about everyone can shoot, make free throws, handle the ball, and not commit turnovers. Both teams shot 53% from the field,OSU shot about 80% from the foul line, Michigan over 90%. The teams combined for 30 assists to only 16 turnovers combined. You can easily see why these are two of the top five teams in America.
    If CAE brings in more graduate transfers i hope they have the body types of the players I witnessed today. We need some wide body players as we great length but are scrawny team.

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    fun fact, this is the first time they have met in basketball ranked both in the Top 5.


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      Watched a little bit. Absolutely a different level of basketball being played.

      We have that potential... But each of those teams has it all going on right now: the shooting, physicality, talent, size, coaching, handling...

      We've got pieces but those teams put it all together. Would really like to see some guys with some beef on then at SC. Moreover, we've got to even out the reffing for more physical play imo.