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  • USC Offense Production / Efficiency

    While USC is at or near the top of the Pac 12 in a number of offensive categories, some other factors probably come into play when assessing the "quality of the offense.

    At present, no teams are on the top 25 in the Pac 12 except USC.
    A number of the USC wins have been against teams with depleted rosters. UCLA, Stanford, ASU , to name a few. USC has only one player out ( Anderson)
    USC has played the "relatively easier" part of the Pac 12 with the remaining games against the top half of the standings coming up. Arizona ( Loss), Oregon, Stanford, UCLA ( Road), Utah/Colorado on the road.
    The Defense has been good and is responsible for a number wins.

    So how does USC Rank on Offense with the NCAA? BTW The Tournament is 64 teams
    Scoring Offense 77th
    Assist to TO Ratio 94th
    Assists. 104th. Poor offense execution
    FG% 49th
    FT % 313th This has been beaten to death, but it does win and lose games

    Offense RB. 34th
    Defense RB. 42th Not an Offensive Category ( Tallest team in the NCAA)

    TO Margin 204th Poor Ball handling
    Scoring Margin 29th
    3 PT % 77th
    3 PT made 170th

    In very few categories is USC in the top 50 ( really top 70) in offense stats

    With a better offense USC WOULD WIN THIS YEARS PAC 12 The Roster is deep and individually talented enough to win the Pac 12.

    BTW ARIZONA RAN 3 OUT OF BOUNDS PLAYS WHICH SCORED EASY BASKETS. There may have been more. USC could barely get the ball in bounds and resorted to a high risk lob(s) to E Mobley which almost got intercepted each time. It only got the ball in play because of his size and ability. This happened 3 or 4 times and has been the play for many seasons. If this was not an example of sub par x and o coaching..............

    All this being said, this is the time to win the Pac 12. USC is in first, plays Oregon in a few hours and UCLA, the only other teams with a real chance to win the conference, has Oregon and Stanford at home , UCLA down the street and has only 2 road games remaining, one against second division Utah, although tough at home

    Cross your fingers

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    LOL. It's really amazing to see who shows up to to post only AFTER a 7 game win streak ends.


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      Not sure what you are saying.

      Comments above have nothing to do with the loss to Arizona. BIG PICTURE. Team is talented but looks like most other USC teams in the last 5 -7 years. If you can't see it, you can't see it.

      Not negative , Nobody wants to win the pac 12 more than me.......but the offense should be more efficient......

      My worst concern is that USC loses to Oregon, Colorado, Ucla, and maybe Stanford and limps to the finish line 1-5


      • FastEddieFinalFour
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        LMFAO ✌✌✌ Actually the less you expect from this team the more confident I get that they can make a nice run in March Madness

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      Originally posted by sketch76 View Post

      My worst concern is that USC loses to Oregon, Colorado, Ucla, and maybe Stanford and limps to the finish line 1-5
      More like your deepest desire because then you will allow yourself to post more.


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        Tap tap

        <checks mic>

        You were saying?


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          you would be more productive on this site if you stuck to basketball discussion


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            Originally posted by sketch76 View Post
            you would be more productive on this site if you stuck to basketball discussion
            ADMIT YOU WERE WRONG and then you might be a productive member of this site.

            It's as if you are in an alternate universe. We are 19-4, ranked in the to 20 and atop the conference. ACCEPT GOOD THINGS IN YOUR LIFE.


            • sketch76
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              Wrong about what? the numbers above are produced by the NCAA . if you have a problem with those numbers, call them. You seem too be missing some of the obvious points. The team has talent , some elite talent, it has depth, it plays good defense. It is so close to really being an elite team, everyone on this site would like to see a little tweak up in the x and o coaching on Offense. This would be the year to win the pac 12. USC is in first, just got rid of a hurdle with out a starting big forward, If USC maintains this type of play against Oregon , they will win the Pac 12.

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            Originally posted by sketch76 View Post
            you would be more productive on this site if you stuck to basketball discussion
            How’s this for basketball discussion? USC is #20 in KenPom’s adjusted offense rating. That will likely improve after this game.

            Our last three teams? 72nd, 145th and 39th. We’ve never been higher than 35th in the Enfield era. You’re just flat out wrong.
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              Huge win !!
              Feels great to get this one !
              Way to step up team and staff !
              19-4. Enjoy this ride everyone !
              Beat the Buffs !!


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                It's been fun Ray. We haven't enjoyed many seasons like this one. It's too bad that there wasn't a full crowd at the game tonight. Fight On!


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                  Man Marty !
                  Can you believe it ?
                  This was the season of ever there was for you to fly out , me to drive up and us to arrive early , stay late and enjoy and reflect on all of this together ! Oh well . Thank you Marty for being a loyal class act all of these years . From Fla. no less ! Beat the Buffs ! On to win 20 !!


                  • Marty46r
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                    Hi Ray. I had my heart on seeing my favorite basketball team here in Florida. Our first game was supposed to be FGCU which is a little over an hour from my house. MJD was going to come down from Tennessee for it. HUGE disappointment.

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                  Understand Marty
                  MJD. Ran into him by chance at Notre Dame about 10-15 yrs ago. Great stuff and it’s great when SC plays back your way . If I can get back to SE Fla ,. I’ll be in touch , likewise if you come west . Enjoy the ride Marty !!!