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  • Enfield - COY

    It's amazing how such a crappy coach can be up for Coach of the Year

    My daughter is a senior at CU, so we've got a family divided tonight. Hope we beat the snot out of the Buffs.

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    That’s just who he is, ya know?


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      He's doing a great job, no doubt. Now we just have to finish off this regular season, with the Pac-12 conference regular season title! Not having won the conference championship in 100 years (or so) is just no longer acceptable. This year is our chance to turn around decades of disappointment.


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        What's with this blurb for Cronin under top competition? Uhh the momentum of losing to us on that beautiful Jonah Matthews shot? We finished 1 game behind them with a 3 game winning streak.

        "Cronin, the reigning Pac-12 Coach of Year, took the momentum from last year's memorable finish to compete for the league's title again in his second season with the program."