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  • Ok folks...

    I'm calling it a night.

    I hope you appreciate that I am really trying to keep this board from turning into a cesspool of negativity during what has been a mostly successful season to this point. It's always a challenge during nights like Thursday and tonight. And it's tough to strike a balance between rationalism and emotionalism. This loss tonight hurts me as much as it does you guys.

    Just keep in mind that the players and coaches are hurting, too.

    I REALLY don't want this place to turn into the old board. That was a board often worthy of a bad program and I want to turn the page on that downer mentality.

    This doesn't mean I'm demanding puppy dogs and ice cream. Keep your criticisms and worries coming, but I will play devil's advocate to keep things as positive as I can. That's the role of a board administrator, not to give into the direction of the wind on a given day, to try to see the big picture and balance perspectives out a bit.

    I really am looking forward to the coming seasons and things getting back to normal so we can all enjoy games at the Galen from time to time and really jump start the community we have started to build.

    Thanks again for all your contributions.

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    Appreciate that perspective. Thank you for all you do on this board.


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      Originally posted by Trojan2011
      Appreciate that perspective. Thank you for all you do on this board.
      Ditto. FTFO!!! ✌✌✌


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        "...And it's tough to strike a balance between rationalism and emotionalism"
        Yes, the team and fans are hurting right now but there is still a lot to play for. I'm hoping that this is one of those examples where something that seems bad turns out to be something that was needed for future success.


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          One problem is there is a tendency to get too high when we are winning, and get too low when we lose. The Pac 12 is down this year (it seems like it has been for a few years), and we are one of the better teams, but not good enough where we can't lose to anyone but Cal on a given night (we lost to Utah and OSU so far).

          We have one generational player, and some decent role players. We are tall and play good defense.

          We can beat Stanford and UCLA or we can lose to them. We are not exactly a John Wooden or Lute Olson team.