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  • Rose colored Trojan glass

    I am guilty of using a rose-colored Trojan glass. May be some of you too. Taking off the glass and looking more realistically, we are not a real good team like I thought we were.

    1. Evan is an excellent player and may be taken at a high position in the NBA draft. But he is not a dominant game changer.

    2. Some people talk about our weak guards play. It is not just guards. Forward positions too. Isaiah Mobley and Max for example. Isaiah Mobley does good now and then but there are many other players in PAC 12 in his position better than him. Max hurts the team. Coach played him less tonight thankfully

    3. Asides Evan and Eaddy, our other players are not excellent players. Time to time they play good but not dependable.

    4. Given the above, Coach Enfield did a commendable job this year to achieve our record.

    5. I am not as optimistic about next year. No 5 star recruit and forward position players are 3 star players at best or unproven at Div-1 level. Hope there is a player like Eaddy.

    6. Sorry to be pessimistic but being more close to reality.