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Why are we consistently not ready for prime time?

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  • CabJag
    I honestly don’t know what it is either. We have always been a bad free throw shooting team for as long as I can remember (even before CAE got the gig). Am glad CAE went on record to the press on how upset he got with the upperclassmen guards on turning the ball over. Just way too many empty possessions, even on fast breaks where we could have kept cutting into the lead & building some momentum, our guys just kept looking for a foul call. Very frustrating.

    We Couldn’t make shots to put us ahead vs UCONN, Didn’t show up vs UofA, Buffs ran us out of the gym & last night I am just completely done talking about lol would like to point out though, our conference hasn’t done us any favors by giving our guys 5 games in 10 days + the mountain road trip. Glad the Bruins lost to the Buffs though. There is still hope.
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  • SCthe1
    started a topic Why are we consistently not ready for prime time?

    Why are we consistently not ready for prime time?

    Shotgun Spratling summed it up pretty well, so I am borrowing it: "USC fell to 4-6 this season when playing on ESPN, ESPN2 or FOX after an ignominious 71-61 loss to a sub-.500 Utah team that had lost four straight by an average of 10.3 points entering Saturday night's matchup."

    Almost every time we have a chance to show how good this team is to the rest of the nation, we lay an egg (Oregon game excepted). SC basketball has to start earning the respect by playing intelligent, winning basketball, not the kind of hero ball witnessed yesterday. I have not been so upset over a loss in a very long time. I had to take a long walk to blow off steam. I chose not to say anything to my family for fear I would fly off the handle and take it out on them (my wife and son are SC grads as well, so I know they understand my passion), but year after year, we blow our opportunities. I could lay that blame on the coaches, but Enfield said it best that the fix is simple, the team just has to play better. I agree they need to step up and start sharing the ball, finishing at the rim and knocking down some outside shots. We have to get back to playing tough D and not let other teams kill us with 3s. We should put the best combinations on the floor and when someone is producing, leave them in the game and when someone obviously doesn't have it that night, they need to sit. Not naming names, it is a team game and all players could be singled out on any given night,

    I am not ready to write this season off, we have performed well up until this road trip and need to get it together fast and finish strong. While I so desperately wanted this team to win the conference title outright, I know if takes an Oregon loss now for that to happen. We no longer control our own destiny for the conference crown, but we do control what happens in these last two games. Let's fight on and get those victories!