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It’s not that we lost, it’s HOW we lost...

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  • It’s not that we lost, it’s HOW we lost...

    Andy Enfield on the starting line up’s performance last night vs Utah:

    "There are no excuses -- we have to play better than we did tonight.--We started the game fairly strong defensively and offensively, but if you look at the shooting percentages, you can't go 2 for 8 with a turnover [I Mobley], 2 for 7 with 2 turnovers...Evan, 2 for 10 with 2 turnovers...Tahj Eaddy, 2 for 5 with 4 turnovers... You can't do that! Isaiah White didn't have any turnovers, but he had three chances in the transition to finish and didn't finish one of them. So if you look at our starting five, which I just went over, you have to play better. There are no excuses. If you want to win Pac-12 games on the road, you can't play like that.--I'll take the blame for this. I'm the head coach. We'll deal with our mental state of mind here this week, but at some point players have to step up and do what they're capable of doing. And tonight we didn't do that."

    Doesn’t matter if we are playing Zags, Baylor or Cal. If our starting line up plays the way they played last night vs anybody, we aren’t winning any games. Tired legs? Probably. Playing 5 games in the last 10 days + a tough road trip will result in that. I was texting a fellow USC Hoops fan during the Oregon game and we were both in agreement that the players were absolutely on their last legs in the 2H & that a game at Boulder in 36 hours wasn’t going to be pretty, and it wasn’t!

    The staff expects better, We all expect better but the season isn’t over. Still a lot to play for. February is behind us. Next time our guys play, it will be March. I hope they have their dancing shoes on & are comfortable with how they fit. FINISH STRONG!!!
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    The problem seems to be a lack of movement and plays on offense.
    And going into a full court press with poor perimeter defense. The strength of
    defense is inside. But is weak on outside.
    The starting five looked good until subs came in. And pressing when the guards
    could blow by perimeter defenders.
    The team hasn’t had enough time to learn together.
    Just a tough compact schedule with minimal teaching time


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      This team should never press. They don't know how.


      • TVofTroy
        TVofTroy commented
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        Yup. Maybe for one possession after a time out or something to surprise the other team.

        I don’t understand 3/4 court soft 1-2-2, or even full court man to man. Full court 1-2-2 that funnels the ball to the corners with aggressive pressure is the only way to fly.