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  • Basketball is a simple game...

    I used to lecture to folks on the football board about football (a sport I've coached at the high school level for over a decade) being a simple game because people love to talk about schemes and play calling. Generally, those are not nearly as relevant as people think. The two most important things in football are:

    1. Winning the line of scrimmage on offense and defense
    2. Winning the turnover battle.

    If you do those things, you'll win 999 out of 1000 games.

    Basketball is simple too. It's about two things:

    1. Making shots
    2. Stopping the other team from making shots

    There are definitely a lot of a stat variations that lead to those two things, but the bottom line in our three losses of late:

    1. Trojan shooting: 71-181, 39.2%, 14-49, 28.6% from 3 PT, 39-61, 63.9% from the line
    2. Opponent shooting: 81-177, 45.8%, 29-54, 53.7% from 3 PT, 41-47, 87% from the line.

    It's not hard to see why we got our asses kicked in these games. Meanwhile in the Oregon game we won.

    1. Trojan shooting: 49.1%, 47.6%from 3 PT, 61.5% from the line
    2. Oregon shooting: 40.4%, 41.2% from 3 Pt, 55.6% from the line

    That's it. End of story. Your shooting on any given night will go up and down, but the bottom line is that we've sucked on defense the last two week, especially at defending the three. Do I think that's coaching? Not really. I think we've done a good job on defense for most of the year, and that our energy level was too low for the last two weeks. It needs to get better.

    I'm not willing to throw this season overboard. We still have a decent chance to win the conference since UCLA lost, and I think this team has as much basketball talent as the team that went to the round of eight. That team was razor thin, their best NBA talent was Scalabrine, they had consistency issues at point guard, and had a star that was an undersized 4. It would be interesting if we ended up a six seed. The Elite Eight team was a six seed.

    But the bottom line is that we're gonna have to ratchet up our defensive intensity, and we're gonna have to make shots. If we do that, we will win some more games. If we don't, it will be back to the disappointment of being a Trojan fan.

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    TV, great post. You're 100% correct. The game is simple. Take good shots, make them and try to stop your opponent from doing that. This team just shoots the ball too inconsistently to be a top team. We are in the middle of the conference in three point shooting percentage and last, by far, at the free throw line. Here is an incredible stat for those here who are not aware of it. Colorado has shot 110 LESS free throws then USC has but has scored 8 more points. Unbelievable.


    • TVofTroy
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      Marty, our inconsistent three point shooting is the bane of this team. Same with free throw shooting. Don’t know what a coach can do about it. But once it’s March, all it takes is getting hit for two weeks.

    • TrojansKOBE
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      Can’t Bauman solve that problem? He should be playing more. Everybody on this team wants to shoot 3’s.

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    I said the same thing on another thread that basketball is such a simple game. You only make it hard on yourself when you turn the ball over carelessly, don’t hustle to rebound or go after loose 50/50 balls, go away from the TEAM concept & don’t give any type of effort on defense. We’ve seen every single one of those points portrayed last night. Think they’ll be ok once they get back home.