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Expectations seem a bit inflated

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  • Expectations seem a bit inflated

    I admit we look much better than expected so far. I thought this season might be a disaster with what we had returning. But the transfers all look pretty solid and Evan is the real deal.

    I still think it’s too early to tell if we’re good. Let’s get a few conference games under our belt & see how things look.

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    I think your pessimism is based on some kind of Stockholm syndrome. This team is athletically better and basketball-smarts, smarter than previous teams... to think this team would be a disaster would be the most short-sighted take you could possibly make. Adding Reese Waters will make us even deeper and more dangerous. From the standpoint of being better than expected, I agree. Peterson is an x-factor well above what I expected. On top of White & Goodwin, plus Baumann's long distance threat makes us really dangerous. I don't disagree with trojan2016's lofty thoughts on the team. If we don't finish top-3 PAC12, I'd be really surprised.


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      I agree more with Globe.

      My optimism:

      I think USC found the answer at point guard in Peterson who is a rare big man who can ball handle and pass well enough to play the point. His height is such an advantage, one of the facotrs that made Magic Johnson so outstanding at the point. Phil Jackson always preferred a tall point guard to see over the defender and even moved Ron Harper, an standout wing player, to point because of his height. What really impressed me the last game was how he posted up to get even better passing angles and passed out, winding up with 9 assists. He didn't shoot well that game, but is 50 percent of the season despite that.

      I am excited with the addition of Reese Waters, who I saw in high school a few times and should add desperately-needed outside shooting and scoring from the wing. I see him as an eventual starter this season. He also had good height at 6-5.

      The team has such great height and exploited it the last game hitting the offensive board and going to a trapping defense for awhile. With so much depth for a change, they should utlilize the traps more often and be more aggressive.

      Nice to see Max A. played a more controlled game instead of throwing up an outside shot as soon as he gets in the game. Showed good hustle on D. I like the inside play of Goodwin and White. Think White should be there more because lack of good outside shot. Like Eaddy starting at one wing because of his combination of shooting and ball handling. Baumann had that great shooting game vs. Irvine. Knew he could do it at that level as a San Jose State transfer. Got to see if he can do it vs. Pac 12 teams. But better than the kid from Columbia last year who never displayed the outside shooting he was added for.

      Still would like to Evan Mobley post up strong more, but he does a lot well so can't complain. And brother Isaiah played like the prospect he was touted to be. As somebody noted, he was shooting on balance which made a lot of difference.

      My concern:

      So we have looked oustanding vs. teams ranked 126 and 127 Irvine and Santa Clara) in the Pormeroy ratings. We have done that in past years, too. More impressive was beating no.65 BYU although they shot terrible that game. (Yes give some credit to USC defense). And staying with No. 40 Connecticut in a close loss but got to do better job of shooting when game tight or else get the ball inside.

      So a good test will come vs. Colorado. Arizona took apart the Buffs' zone by putting a big man at the free throw line who could pass and shoot. I hope our coaches took note. Trojans have failed in past years against zones.

      Whaever, with more depth than ever, more height and more aggressive players, I do have high hopes. Just hope the coaches can make the in-game adjustments.


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        bumpity bump bump


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          lol damn savage.

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        Unless EA, Peterson, and White perform better consistently, we may find tough to win against any PAC 12 team.


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          At the middle of February, the 17-3 (11-2 and first place in PAC-12) USC team should relieve your pessimistic concerns a lot.

          More than half of our PAC-12 opponents show case their best player of their respective team in the form of a short guard, e.g. UA, ASU, UCLA, CAL, OSU, UW, WSU and CU. One of the very entertaining effects is to see the smothering defensive pressure our team, tallest in the country and assembled by CAE and staff almost out of nowhere, administered to these short guards. Most of them played sub-par against us. This phenomenon has repeated itself game after game in the first half of the PAC-12 conference games. For the second half of the PAC-12 games, our height and length dominance still persists; therefore, we will continue winning unless our usually potent, multi-point offensive choices all gets cold at the same time as in the three games we lost.

          Don't worry, be happy. Just sit back, relax and enjoy this team performing and ascending itself to USC BB historic heights.


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            So far the team is improving and getting more consistent.
            The key is remaining consistent.
            Peterson has to find his previous play.
            if can continue with just one more loss the Pac12 will be likely there.