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Lunardi now has us as a 6 seed.

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  • Lunardi now has us as a 6 seed.

    That looks about right. Wish we could freeze the season and take that seed right now. If we played like we did for most of the year I would love that draw. Our path to the elite 8 would be Seton Hall/Drake winner. Most likely Houston, then Alabama. Can we sign up for that draw right now? Lol

    Unfortunately, we still have at least 3 more games left and this team may have hit a wall. It's very possible we could lose them all and fall to an 8/9 game. If we lose to both Stanford & UCLA we will be a 4 seed and play Stanford again in the 1st round. If we beat Stanford & lose to UCLA we will still most likely be a 4 seed probably playing Stanford again(possibly Oregon St depending on their last two games).

    If we lose to Stanford & beat UCLA we could get a 3 seed if UCLA loses to Oregon. In this scenario our 1st round match-up in the Pac-12 tournament would either be Oregon St/ASU/Utah depending how each of their last games end up. and barring neither team lost to Cal in the 1st round.

    We could still get a 2 or 3 seed if Colorado loses to ASU and we split our last two. The 2 or 3 seed would depend on which team we beat and if UCLA loses to Oregon.

    And in the most unlikely scenarios they win the last two games. Yes, I'm not too confident this team can win the last two games based on what I witnessed against the Mountain schools as well as Arizona. Pretty much everyone knows we need Oregon to drop a game to either UCLA or Oregon St. and will be the 1 seed.

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    I'm pretty confident we bounce back actually.

    I don't know why, but I'm really excited for the game tomorrow. I think the guys, the coaching staff, everyone, want to show everyone else what we're made of.

    I say we come out to play this week.


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      Chances of closing out season:

      Beat Stanford, lose to UCLA: 50%
      Beat Stanford, beat UCLA: 25%
      Lose to Stanford, beat UCLA: 12.5%
      Lose to Stanford, lose to UCLA: 12.5%


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        Let's just focus on Stanford. This team is good, but we're a better team. CAE will figure it out. IMO, it's his responsibility to "right the ship." ...and I'm sure h'es up to the task.

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          I actually prefer the #6 seed better than the #4 or #5 seed, partially because of the sweet nostalgia our 2001 Elight 8 team brought to us. When we bring our A games to the tourney, we, as #6, can advance to the elight 8 without encountering the #1 seed. In 2007, as many of you remember, while we, a #5 seed, performed well in the first two rounds, yet the most obvious outcome is to engage with #1 seed (North Carolina) in the 3rd game of the tourney.

          In this season, the top 3 teams of the four #1 seeds are much stronger than the rest of the teams, according to the majority of the analysts. So, maybe seeding #6 to delay a game with a #1 seed is more advantageous to us.

          Of course, we need to bring our A game to both the Stanford and UCLA games first. The bad taste in the mouse from the three ugly losses in the previous four game got to be cleansed out immediately!