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On the thought of the 5th 20-win season in 6 years

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  • On the thought of the 5th 20-win season in 6 years

    Remember, before tonight, we only have had fifteen 20-win seasons in USC men's basketball history,
    The 37-point beatdown we handed out on Stanford is electrifying. What's more thrilling is this win gives us the 5th 20-win season in the last six years.

    Years ago we were struggling to climb above this threshold and I envied some blue blood schools their reaching 20-win mark year after year.
    Now, USC has also elevated to this prominent level relatively consistently. Very proud of the way we are improving, from coaches to players.

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    Yes the consistency is so important


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      Let’s hope this is the year we can go beyond just consistently a 20 win team that struggles in big games.

      It’s a huge achievement for USC basketball to be at a level where we are consistently winning 20 games and within reach of a conference title..but eventually we have to win the few big OOC games we play and be able to win against CO, AZ, UCLA, and Oregon on a regular basis and not throw away a road game against a crappy team.

      Otherwise the ceiling for this team is always 5-7 seed range and no conference titles, since those wins come largely on the back of bad OOC teams and the bottom of the conference.

      CAE has poured the foundation. It’s time to build the damn house on top of it now!


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        We've only had 2 chances at the tourney under Enfield, since 2018 we were left out because of BS and last year was cancelled for everyone. We're 2-2 in March Madness in those 2 trips, not all bad. Bummer we didn't get to find out last year, but very excited to see how it goes this year.