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Waters vs Baumann

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  • Waters vs Baumann

    I noticed that Waters was put in the game last night before Baumann. Do you think this is a one game move or is AE going to take minutes away from Baumann and give them to Waters going forward?

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    Enfield was quoted post game as saying Waters earned more minutes from playing well in practice. Maybe Baumann's reduced minutes is due to weaker practice performance and is temporary. In a worst case scenario, Enfield's already decided he's not going to be in the post season rotation and possibly a transfer is already in motion to make room for more guards/shooters in 2021-22. I think he's good enough for the rotation, but he needs to do a better job of creating opportunities for himself on offense widening passing lanes or getting separation from his defender. Part of that is the ball handler being able to collapse the D and skip it to an open shooter which Drew was doing a great job of against Stanford. Baumann also needs to shoot higher percentages to earn more PT.

    Personally, I don't think Waters is anywhere near ready to produce in the rotation as Baumann and Max still makes too many lazy TOs to get more minutes. Since White is having back issues limiting his minutes, have to think Noah's going to get an opportunity to make some big shots for SC.


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      Baumann's playing time seems to have gone down significantly since those 2 FT misses on the technical. His role on the team is supposed to be as a shooter, clutch free throws being part of that.

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      Agreed that Noah has to hits shots and his FT performance this year has not been good. That said, he's 5 of 11 on FTs, so the sample size is too small to draw conclusions that leaving him on the floor at the end of games is a liability as Vez and Isaiah Mobley obviously are.

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    Yeah I noticed this as well.

    As Weeks mentioned, Waters had a good week in practice and I think what that means is that Enfield likes that Waters plays GOOD D. That's our personality, so if he goes hard in practice, he'll get some play time.

    Waters is an athletic kid who seems enthusiastic about playing. However, mentally he doesn't seem quite ready to go and I'd like to see him do something other than shoot the 3 ball, even if he can make it.


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      Baumann is obviously more athletically limited but he plays hard on D and does come up with deflections and steals. His box score production was slightly better than Waters last night, but I agree he needs to find his shooting groove. It almost seems similar to what someone listed about Drew a while back; when he’s open he thinks too much, when he’s shooting off the dribble he seems to make more. Unfortunately he often stands around a lot on offense.


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        Baumann has not been the shooter (34.3 from 3 point land and 5-11 on FT) that we need and that's basically the only reason why he has a scholarship. Many of the misses are wide open.


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          I think Baumann absolutely can shoot, but his struggles are mental (as exemplified by his FT%). It is unfortunate he and/or the coaches haven’t been able to do the right things to get his confidence up. I’m rooting for the guy and hoping he blossoms after some struggles a la Donte Smith. Maybe whatever worked for Drew can work for him too.


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            I wouldn't give up on Noah Baumann yet. Lute Olson used to say "shooting is the key to anything you're trying to put together." He is absolutely a shooter -- we're gonna need him to do it and do it better.


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              Originally posted by Mickey Linehan View Post
              I wouldn't give up on Noah Baumann yet. Lute Olson used to say "shooting is the key to anything you're trying to put together." He is absolutely a shooter -- we're gonna need him to do it and do it better.
              I just don't know why Andy is putting him in the doghouse.

              My guess would be that he just doesn't show as much effort defensively as other players in practice and Andy is big on defense oriented team now...

              But we'll see.