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Most encouraging thing I saw last night

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  • Most encouraging thing I saw last night

    Even as we we're pulling away and knew the game was in hand we kept the foot pedal down. Guys were engaged all night defensively. Haven't seen that much in the AE era. I hope that's a prelude to the NCAA tournament

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    Yes, fight on to the end. ✌


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      This is why I don't understand people saying this season is just like other Enfield teams. We had a horrendous road trip, otherwise this season has been vastly different.


      • Globe
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        I’d say that’s why some of us aren’t sold on Enfield- because this season has been vastly different.

      • biggitysc
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        Not sure I follow...are we holding grudges because of previous failures? Coaches can learn from their mistakes.

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      Kudos to I.White who was flying and diving all over the court last night until he got injured. IMO, his style of play set the tone for the entire team. White is a very limited offensive player but is such a valuable piece on this team with the energy he brings in EVERYTHING he does. How many players on this team would dive across the hardwood for loose balls? Hope he recovers from his injury in a hurry and will be able to contribute in the big game Saturday.


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        Yes Biggity it is. I posted after the first 4 or 5 games the maturity of this team. I could see it was different.

        This team is connected defensively. It's very obvious to see.

        I was going to post something in mid January why is this season different? Why does it look different? I think it all started last year with Big O. Quite honestly I think we had too many guys wanting to get theirs. Maybe thinking of pro ball. This year you can really see how these guys play for each other.


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          The question isn’t just whether AE is a great coach, the question is can USC
          do any better. Put me down as one who thinks AE has done a tremendous job at
          USC and we are damn lucky to have him. If we were Kentucky, North Carolina, Duke,
          Villanova,I might understand Your frustration but we are fricking USC basketball.
          heck Enfield is 8-10 vs UCLA with three straight wins. Rational fans would be dancing
          in the aisles for that reason alone . Here you guys want to fire the coach.
          Mae are damn lucky to have him


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            Sorry guys I meant to post this as a reply to someone else . Your posts were mostly positive
            disregsrd my misplaced negativity