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Shout out to Isaiah White

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  • Shout out to Isaiah White

    Isaiah White has played an important role for our team the whole season. He is the energizer, tough, with a nose for the ball. He crashes the boards, plays tough D, makes steals, sacrifices his body and occasionally shows you that he is a better outside shooter than we thought he would be coming into the season. I am not sure how bad his back issue is, but if it is anything like what Ethan had, he would be done for the season. I hope that is not the case, as I think he is a difference maker, a tempo changer and a great teammate for the other players.

    If he is out for the balance of the season, who do you see as picking up his minutes? To my eye we don't have anyone as tenacious as he is at a wing position. Max showed signs this last game, but not sure he can do that consistently and also bring more energy. Last question is do you think White will return next year? He is already like 23 yrs old and has a daughter. Does he need to take his shot at the pros (G-League or international)? Or will he choose to return for the free year of eligibility. If he wants to return is it his call or does Coach Enfield have the decision on that. Since Andy has to juggle all of the returners with the new freshmen, JC xfer KJ Allen and possibly new grad transfers, he may not welcome White back. What do you guys think?

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    hell yah. well said.

    I DM'd this yesterday in an usc hoops group on twitter:

    was on delay watching! then i saw the white comment above which bummed me out so went back and watched his 9 minutes. he hit the floor (AS ALWAYS) at 14 minute mark near halfcourt but seemed okay. Then had an awkward reach down for a super bad pass by Max in the lane. Then at the 8:22 mark he hit the floor again and came up with the ball on defense (near side of court, 20 feet out). looked fairly innocuous. let's hope he's good and the brace is a precaution

    i'll tell ya though.....just watching him.....he's a Strong Safety playing guard/forward. he always lets his defender know that he's there. shirt grabs, elbows, pushes....he's so physical and is a helluva overall defender as well. he really sets a tone.


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      I think if he's willing to come back you take him in a heartbeat. Brings effort and intangibles on the court and wants to do whatever it takes to win.


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        absolutely! i think you take back all senior transfers who want to stay. they've all been such great kids.

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      so true. isaiah white has brought toughness to a team that desperately needed it. he, ethan and chevez are tough minded and their grit is all appreciated. white might be the grittiest.


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        Totally agree with what everyone has said. Isaiah embodies the word "hustle." Not afraid to sacrifice his body, dives for loose balls, fights through screen, keeps plays alive, you name it! Having him healthy and his usual self improves our chances of beating the 'Ruins and making a good run in the tourney (Pac and NCAA). Fight On, Isaiah!!!